Friday 24 November 2017

Afghan president warns US over its failure to consult over lethal airstrike

Afghanistan's president said yesterday that the United States had failed to consult Afghan forces when calling in an airstrike that killed 18 civilians. Hamid Karzai warned that in the future his government would consider such actions as violating the country's pact with Washington.

In the east, meanwhile, a Taliban suicide bomber disguised as a woman wearing a burka killed four French soldiers when he blew himself up in a market.

UN peacekeepers killed in ambush

Ivorian government forces are to launch a military operation to hunt down the men responsible for an ambush that killed at least seven peacekeepers in an unprecedented attack on UN forces in the country. Officials said yesterday that at least eight civilians were also killed in the area.

Hundreds of villagers were fleeing the region near the Liberian border, although authorities were unable to confirm any additional casualties yesterday because of the remoteness of the area in south-western Ivory Coast.

Prince Philip home for his birthday

Britain's Prince Philip has left hospital in time to celebrate his 91st birthday. The Prince thanked staff at London's King Edward VII Hospital yesterday after a five-day stay when he was treated for a bladder infection.

When asked at the hospital if he was feeling better, Philip replied: "Well, I wouldn't be coming out if I wasn't."

Islamists seek to reassure liberals

Egypt's head of parliament said yesterday that no group would be able to force its opinion on the 100-member panel that will write the country's new constitution.

Saad El-Katatni, a member of parliament's biggest party, the Muslim Brotherhood, appeared to be trying to reassure liberals who walked out when the Islamist-dominated parliament initially packed the panel with Brotherhood members and ultra-conservative lawmakers.

Burma suppresses sectarian riots

BURMA'S security forces in the west of the country said they had restored order after rioters burned hundreds of homes in sectarian violence that killed at least seven.

The rioting reflected long-standing tensions in Rakhine state between Buddhist residents and Muslims, many of whom are considered illegal settlers from Bangladesh.

Though the root of the problem centres on resentment of the alleged cross-border outsiders, there is fear trouble could spread, as the split also runs along religious lines.

China may put a woman into space

China will launch three astronauts this month to dock with an orbiting experimental module and the crew might include the country's first female space traveller.

China's space programme has made steady progress since a 2003 launch that made it only the third nation to put a man in space. Two more manned missions have followed, one of which included a space walk.

Fisherman reunites 'leg' with owner

A US fisherman was surprised when he hauled out a prosthetic leg from the Gulf of Mexico -- and even more surprised when he was able to find its owner.

The leg was emblazoned with a University of Kentucky logo. The fisherman contacted the leg's manufacturer to find the now legless owner.

It belonged to a former university football player who had lost his leg in a work accident five years ago. The man said he was shocked to find out someone found his $30,000 prosthetic leg, lost while swimming last May.

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