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Wednesday 24 January 2018

'Adorkable' new words

The Collins English Dictionary has taken to Twitter to find new words for the next edition of the lexicon and is asking users to choose which words should make the final edition.

The shortlist of words includes fracktivist, which refers to someone who protests against fracking, felfie, a term used to describe a farmer who takes a selfie, and adorkable, referring to someone who is dorky in an adorable way.


A judge has returned a 17kg feline to its owner after DNA testing failed to establish conclusively whether it was a pure-breed bobcat.

New Jersey municipal court judge Damian Murray ruled that Ginny Fine can regain custody of Rocky. A DNA test found the cat's mother was 98pc bobcat, but could not determine its father's lineage. Ms Fine would not have been able to get the cat back without a permit if it was a purebred bobcat. Rocky has been held since April 7 after it went missing from its home.


London is the selfie capital of the world, according to social media analysis. More than 14pc of selfies were found to be captured there.

Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace proved to be popular selfie destinations in research which involved analysis of 6.3 million social media messages from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. New York and Amsterdam were in second and third place.


It is an age-old problem for gardeners – how to handle the pests that chomp through the plants in the flower beds. A recent survey found that a fifth of gardeners admitted to throwing snails over the fence into their neighbours' garden to get rid of them.

Research suggests that it is a strategy that is just as effective as killing the snails. Gardeners would do best with a strong throwing arm, the research found, as snails removed at least 20 metres rarely came back.


A small Iowa city is having a big problem drilling a new well, and the reason could date back millions of years.

Manson has failed three times to drill for a new water supply. The difficulty apparently is due to a meteor that struck 74 million years ago, creating the Manson impact crater. Geologists believe the meteor caused an explosion that burned up everything within 130 miles. Underground, however, remnants of the meteor remain – and they are causing headaches for drill engineers.

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