Monday 23 October 2017

A grave error

AN American man whose body was left in a state crime lab after a mix-up has finally been buried in Augusta, Georgia.

A coroner says the mistake at the lab in Decatur, outside of Atlanta, led the family of Johnny Morgan Lowe III to bury the wrong man during a funeral in December.

Burke County Coroner Susan Salemi is reported to have said the lab failed to return Mr Lowe's body after an post-mortem. The body of Louie Caldwell of Clayton County was mistakenly returned and buried by relatives who thought they were laying Mr Lowe to rest.

Sheep hero

Dolly the sheep is to be honoured with a plaque as part of a project to celebrate heroes of biology.

The first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, she was born in 1996 and died in 2003. A blue plaque celebrating Dolly and the team who created her will be unveiled by the Society of Biology at the University of Edinburgh, where she was created.

A good nose

Hoby Wedler was born blind and curious 27 years ago and he has used those two traits, along with a refined sense of smell and taste, to develop an expert palette that is garnering rave reviews in California's wine region.

Mr Wedler's monthly Tasting In The Dark series at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery is growing in popularity. Participants are blindfolded and asked to taste and judge wine like Mr Wedler does.

Crystal gems

Scientists have got their hands on part of the Crown Jewels, by making their own.

Leading physicists have grown a replica of the Imperial State Crown, a key element of the world famous jewels held in the Tower of London. They have also managed to reproduce Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

Grisly expo

A scalp damaged by bullet holes and a floor on which a murdered man was discovered are on display in a new grisly exhibition on crime.

The spring exhibition runs at the Wellcome Collection, in London which has previously shown displays on the study of sex, the brain and death. Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime features sketches from the site of a murder attributed to Jack the Ripper, murder weapons and the brain of a suicide victim.

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