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420lbs of frozen cow brains seized

EGYPTIAN police at Cairo's international airport confiscated 420 pounds of frozen cow brains yesterday from three Sudanese travellers who planned to sell them to Egyptian restaurants.

A pound of raw cow brains bought in Sudan for less than a dollar can be resold in Egypt for six times as much, airport officials said.

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi said he has been "overwhelmed" by the support of fans after it was revealed he has been diagnosed with cancer.

And he said he was pleased that work on the band's reunion album would continue despite his illness.

The Dutch air force says two of its F-16 jet fighters tried to help police chase a criminal suspect.

Local police had requested a military jeep to chase a suspect over soggy terrain. In the end, a tip from a neighbour, and not a hi-tech jet, led police to the suspect.

North Korea has decreed February 16 the "Day of the Shining Star" to commemorate the birthday of late "Great Leader" Kim Jong-il, using the same name as a long-range rocket developed under his military policy.

During his 17-year reign, Mr Kim oversaw major developments in the North's military.

A RUSSIAN truck driver had decided to make extra money by selling crates he was transporting from an arms plant in the Ural Mountains to a nearby landfill.

The crates contained 79 Kalashnikov rifles and 250 cases of ammunition so the villager turned over the weapons to police.

A man accused of stealing a police car while handcuffed and then using the radio to ask police where to find the cigarette lighter has turned himself in.

William Blankenship (22) had been arrested on drug charges in Indiana but escaped from the police car's back seat.

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