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35 bodies dumped by bridge in Mexico

The bodies of 35 people with suspected links to organised crime were dumped under a highway bridge in eastern Mexico on Tuesday, in a major escalation of violence in the once-quiet port city of Veracruz.

The bodies were discovered near a shopping centre in Boca del Rio, along Mexico's Gulf coast.

Katona divorces second husband

Kerry Katona and her second husband Mark Croft have divorced on the grounds of each other's unreasonable behaviour.

The 31-year-old reality TV star and the 40-year-old driver, who married in 2007 and have two children together, were granted a decree nisi in London.

Row over sex skit on Australian PM

Australia's national broadcaster is facing calls for a review of funding yesterday over a television comedy scene with a fictional prime minister Julia Gillard draped in a national flag after having sex on her office floor.

Conservative opposition lawmakers said the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had overstepped good taste.

Jessie J puts her best foot forward

Jessie J did not let her injuries stop her delivering a stomping show.

Despite her left leg being encased in a sparkly cast, the chart-topping singer gave it her best shot at the launch of the new BlackBerry 7 collection and music-sharing service BBM Music at Sketch in London this week. The star is wearing the cast after rupturing her tendons.

Dimbleby admits to trying cocaine

Veteran UK broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has admitted that he tried cocaine and called for serious consideration to be given to the issue of decriminalisation.

The presenter criticised cocaine users for not being aware they were fuelling a drugs war. Dimbleby (67) said he tried cocaine once in his early 20s, adding: "I sneezed it all over the place."

Dad sues cafe over toilet 'video'

A US father is suing Starbucks Coffee Co after his five-year-old daughter allegedly found a video camera pointed at the toilet in a bathroom in one of their cafes.

William Yockey, of Virginia, is asking for $1m (€732,000) in the civil suit on four counts, including breach of privacy, his lawyer, Hank Schlosberg, said. Mr Yockey and his daughter were in a Starbucks in Washington.

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