Tuesday 24 October 2017

$25m award over racial insults

A US jury has awarded $25m (€19.8m) in damages to a steel plant employee who said his bosses failed to stop years of racial taunts and insults from co-workers.

The federal jury found ArcelorMittal and some of its former executives responsible for the treatment of Elijah Turley at the company's steel plant in Buffalo, New York. Mr Turley, who is black, testified that "KKK" was written on the walls of the plant. Lawyers for ArcelorMittal say it took steps to halt the harassment.

'Vampire' bones to go on display

Bulgaria's history museum plans to display a "vampire" skeleton next week after unearthing the 700-year-old remains of two men stabbed through the chest with iron rods.

Archaeologists excavating a monastery discovered the skeletons, which were buried in a pagan ritual aimed at keeping the men from turning into vampires.

Music that's not so easy listening

Distorted, spiky music has an effect similar to that of animal distress calls, scientists believe. The theory may explain how Jimi Hendrix's wailing guitar excited a generation in 1969, or the chilling impact of the soundtrack to the film 'Psycho'.

A team of US experts believe our response to such music mirrors the way animals react to sounds of distress.

'Violent' cowboy draws complaints

A cheese ad in which a miniature cowboy wields a razor and a gun has been shifted to a post-9pm slot following complaints that it trivialised violent crime.

The TV ad for for Pilgrim's Choice cheese showed the cowboy wiping an oversized razor on a tea-towel before shaving his face and neck, and pointing an oversized gun at a cat. The Advertising Standards Authority said it received 35 complaints. Adams Foods said the ad was intended to portray a surreal situation, but it had decided to reschedule it.

'ZOMBIE' car plate leads to suspect

A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly hit a man with a stun gun during a hit-and-run was arrested after police say her vanity licence plate made her easy to track down.

Police say Yardley Joy Frantz was arrested after witnesses spotted her "ZOMBIE" licence plate. They say Ms Frantz ran into a man and his nephew with her car, then zapped the man's son with a stun gun after he confronted her.

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