Sunday 25 March 2018

€2.5bn lotto fever

Lottery fever has gripped Spain with long queues for tickets for the cash-strapped country's famed Christmas lottery.

Billed as the world's richest lottery, the draw will hand out about €2.5bn tomorrow. The top prize is €400,000, but there are hundreds or thousands of tickets awarded for that amount.

Psy's dictionary gong

Korean singer Psy has cemented his place in popular culture with recognition from a dictionary.

'Gangnam Style', Psy's signature song which has become the most-watched video in YouTube history, has been chosen along with 'fiscal cliff' and 'Romneyshambles' as some of Collins Dictionary's words of the year.

Tinsel threat to cats

A veterinary charity in England has issued a warning to pet owners as two cats needed life-saving treatment after they ate tinsel.

Vets acted quickly in both cases to remove the tinsel which can rupture internal organs.

No foie gras for MPs

Foie gras has been taken off the menu in the House of Lords after complaints from animal rights campaigners.

Lords catering chiefs had been criticised for serving up the delicacy, which is made with geese and ducks being force-fed with grain before they are slaughtered for their swollen livers.

Sticky end for thieves

Three people have been arrested over a massive maple syrup theft from a Canadian warehouse, which put a dent in the global supply.

Police never disclosed the exact amount stolen but the warehouse contained 5,000 tonnes, valued at €23m.

Blackout over robbery

A thief has been jailed for more than three years after stealing telephone cables that left a village in a phone and internet blackout for two weeks.

Darren Sargent (25) received the 40-month prison term at Maidstone Crown Court after he admitted the theft of 100 metres of BT cable in Iwade, near Sittingbourne, Kent.

Lighting up the area

A US federal judge has said a Louisiana woman has the right to display Christmas lights on her roof in the form of an extended middle finger.

Sarah Childs sued Denham Springs, its mayor and police chief, claiming she had been threatened with arrest if she did not take down the display. She erected the lights last month as part of a continuing dispute with her neighbours.

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