Tuesday 17 September 2019

15 hurt after ‘explosive device’ blast rips through Canada restaurant

Police in Toronto are searching for two suspects and have appealed for the public to help.

Police outside a restaurant in Mississauga, Canada after an explosion. (Doug Ives/The Canadian Press via AP)
Police outside a restaurant in Mississauga, Canada after an explosion. (Doug Ives/The Canadian Press via AP)

By AP Reporters

Some 15 people have been hurt after an explosion ripped through a restaurant in a shopping centre in Toronto, Canadian police said.

The blast in the suburb of Mississauga was caused by an “improvised explosive device” (IED), they said.

“Two suspects attended the scene”, detonated the devices and fled, Peel Region police said.

Paramedic Joe Korstanje said three people suffered critical injuries and were taken to hospital while the remaining 12 suffered minor and superficial injuries.

The explosion happened just after 10.30pm on Thursday and the plaza was still sealed off on Friday.

Andre Larrivee, who lives nearby, said he was watching television and heard an explosion.

“It was really loud,” he said, comparing the noise to an electric generator that exploded at a nearby construction site.

Police have appealed for help from the public.

Peel region police described the first suspect as in his mid-20s, 5ft 10in to 6ft tall with a stocky build, wearing dark blue jeans, a dark zip-up hoodie and a baseball cap with a light grey peak.

The second suspect is described as a little shorter with a thin build, wearing faded blue jeans, a dark zip-up hoodie pulled over his head, grey T-shirt and dark coloured skate shoes.

Peel Region Sergeant Matt Bertram said two suspects with their faces covered to conceal their identity entered the Bombay Bhel restaurant, an Indian outlet.

“We have no indication to call it a hate crime or any kind of terrorism act,” he said.

“Nothing was said by these individuals,” Mr Bertram added. “It appears they just went in, dropped off this device, and took off right away.”

The explosion happened at the Bombay Bhel restaurant (Doug Ives/The Canadian Press via AP)

He said police could not say what the device was yet.

“Different callers called in and said it was firecrackers or some said gunshot sort of noises.

“I don’t think it was an explosion that was rocking anything,” he said. “Until we can get in there and analyse the material after the search warrant we won’t be able to say what it was.”

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