Friday 27 April 2018

10 die as boat flips

Ten people died and eight others were missing after a fishing boat capsized off South Korea's southern coast.

Dozens of ships were last night searching for survivors after the 9.8-tonne boat, Dolphin, lost communication with another boat on Saturday evening and was found yesterday morning north of the resort island of Jeju.

A survivor said the boat quickly capsized after being caught in nets for fish farms.

Space whisky

Whisky that was fired into space almost four years ago as part of an experiment has returned to earth with enhanced flavour, according to its creator.

A vial of unmatured malt from the Ardbeg Distillery in Islay, Scotland, was sent to the International Space Station in a cargo spacecraft in October 2011.

It returned to earth last year and a series of tests by the distillery found that the space samples were "noticeably different" to similar ones kept on earth.

MPs' drinking culture

A drinking culture at the House of Commons contributed "quite a lot" to Charles Kennedy's problems with alcohol, the former British MP's partner said.

The 55-year-old died earlier this year as a result of a long battle with alcoholism.

Carole Macdonald said: "You are in an environment, often late at night, where drink is available, cheap, sociable, and you don't have to drive."

A new Stonehenge

Hidden remains of an extraordinary neolithic monument that could be unique in the world have been found buried in the ground a mile from Stonehenge.

More than 4,500 years ago, at least 90 huge stone monoliths lined an impressive "arena" that may have been used for religious rites or solstice rituals.

Now lying on their sides under 3ft of earth, they remained undiscovered until archaeologists equipped with ground-penetrating radar probed the area around the famous English stone circle.

Family kept in cage

An Argentine man kept his wife and autistic son in a filthy cage during the day for at least two years.

Police found the dirt-floor cell at the house of 66-year-old Eduardo Oviedo in the city of Mar del Plata.

They were acting on a complaint by two of his other children.

Oviedo's 61-year-old wife has psychiatric problems and his 32-year-old son is autistic.

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