Sunday 21 January 2018

Why hide boob jobs? - Irish model Rachel Wallace


Blonde beauty Rachel Wallace has hit out at her fellow Irish models who hide the fact that they have undergone breast enhancement surgery.

The Dublin model received her wish of more ample assets recently and said she is just one in a long list who have had the operation.

"There is a lot of secrecy about people who have had it done, but this just makes it into a bigger deal than it actually is," she said. "I know some who have had it done and say they didn't.

"I'm like 'why are you lying? It's so stupid, everybody knows'."

As well as giving her a boost in confidence, Rachel said she is hoping to break the stereotype that changing certain things about your appearance is unhealthy.

"People get this weird thing in their mind where they think 'oh no, I can't say anything' or 'people will think I'm only good-looking because I've had surgery'.

"That's not the way it is at all. I think that's what people think because in Ireland people don't really talk about surgery at all.

"But over in America, you would get a pair of boobs without thinking so people need to realise it is what it is and that it's not a big deal."

The Wright Venue hostess and AR model went from a B cup to a D cup after the op.

The former gymnast explained that since taking up modelling and hitting the gym, she felt that her cleavage was shrinking before her eyes.

"I've always been around a B cup, but after starting at the gym, they literally disappeared and I was really unhappy, so why wouldn't I do something about it?"

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