Monday 22 July 2019

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli insists friends aren't 'jealous' of her career

Bar Refaeli's friends don't mind that she gets "attention".

The gorgeous supermodel has landed campaigns with the likes of Garnier and Gap in the past and was previously dating Hollywood hunk Leonardo DiCaprio.

She believes it's important that those close to her don't get jealous of her good fortune.

"I’m so lucky in that area. I have so many good friends and good girlfriends. Especially in my line of work, it's hard to find good girlfriends. Other girls usually don’t like when you get attention," she admitted to as part of their #nofilter challenge.

"My girlfriends are so wonderful and supportive… in their souls. I am lucky because good friends are hard to find."

As part of the fashion industry, Bar has access to some of the world's biggest designers.

However, when asked what crime she would commit if she knew she'd get away with it, the 28-year-old echoed the sentiments of many girls.

"Probably break into Barneys and steal everything they have. All of their bags and shoes!" she laughed.


The Israeli star is a bit of a film buff and likes to keep up with the newest releases.

American Hustle, which stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale, is nominated for ten Oscars and has taken home three Golden Globes already.

Bar however remains sceptical about the feature.

"I don’t know… American Hustle," she answered when asked what is currently overrated.

"I liked it, I liked the actors and the costumes. But the storyline is a little too boring for me. It was long and slow."

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