Monday 20 November 2017

Sonya Lennon: My favourite things

Sonya's favourite chair.
Sonya's favourite chair.
Sonya wearing the Tim Ryan outfit she wore to the IFTAs.
Sonya wearing the Tim Ryan outfit she wore to the IFTAs.

Sonya Lennon

Favourite Book

It would be impossible to limit that category to one. I just finished 'City of Bohane' by Kevin Barry, which I loved. It reminded me of the exhilaration of reading 'A Clockwork Orange' for the first time.

Favourite CD

At the moment, Laura Marling's 'Alas I cannot Swim'. She has the voice of an angel and the twisted sentiment of one much older than her years.

There is one particular track that always makes me cry, but in a good way. Answers on a postcard...

Favourite Memory

The smell of my childhood – Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche wafting through the air as my mum got ready to go out with my dad. My mum's style was a recurring theme.

I also remember shopping on Grafton Street with her and telling her that she had to buy a cream lace two-piece that she had tried on. When she asked why, I said that when I grew up, I'd get married in it. She's still waiting.

Favourite piece of furniture

The bashed-up 1970s chair in my bedroom. It's a beautiful soft nubuck leather in a buff colour. I'd love to say it's also clear and available for sitting on; the reality is that it's often strewn with wardrobe choices.

I spotted it in an antique shop on the quays 10 years ago, swerved in and bought it.

Favourite item of clothing

Now you're really killing me. What if the other pieces find out? I wore a Tim Ryan two-piece to the IFTAs this year and I felt wonderful in it. It's tactile and swishy and my favourite colour.


I'm allergic to people who are any of the following: mean, ungrateful and rude. I'm allergic to clothes that are shapeless and unflattering. I think I might also be allergic to florals and synthetic scents.

Favourite person

The family that made me and the family that I made. If you ask me to pick my desert-island family member, I'll have to flounce off into the middle distance.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Enjoy what you've got when you've got it – youth/skin/lack of responsibility/puppy love/three-hour phone calls, etc – and, by the way, there's no easy way and no finish line.

First Kiss

On a train from Galway to Dublin returning from the Gaeltacht, circa 1983. I didn't want to come home without having ticked that box. I left it late, but made it last.

What characteristic in yourself do you like most and least

I'm buoyant and generally positive by nature. However, I'm headstrong and don't let a grudge go easily.

Favourite Tipple

I like a cocktail, and, when in LA this summer, I fell rather in love with a basil and watermelon martini.

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