Friday 18 October 2019

'She was a fantastic snake, I'm devastated' - Model Emma Quinlan

Her snake Squirt recently died
Her snake Squirt recently died
Emma Quinlan is a professional snake charmer as well as model
She regularly posed with the boa for work
Squirt was her plus one at many an event
Emma posing with Squirt
Her late pet

Spare a thought for model and professional snake charmer Emma Jane Quinlan.

Emma became a well-known face on the social scene for her saucy snake wrangling routines.

But the Celebrity Apprentice star was left reeling after the death of her most prized and precious serpent, Squirt.

"Devastated isn't the word," she told The Diary.

"But unfortunately it's reality. Circle of life. She was a fantastic snake."

Emma and Squirt both appeared on The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O'Connor in 2011.

The pair left audience slack-jawed when they performed vintage circus trick The Kiss Of Death on the show.

As part of the schtick, Emma stuffed Squirt's head into her mouth while Brendan looked on.

The sultry star found snakes and reptiles "very relaxing" and said having one crawl across her lap was akin to seeing Michael Buble perform live.

Makes sense to us.

The tragic loss of Squirt has been compounded by the fact that Emma lost another of her nearest and dearest pet pooches.

"It's been a hard week with her and the passing of my dog of 14 years," the 28-year-old admitted.

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