Thursday 14 December 2017

New Year's Resolutions

Sofia Vergara doesn't want to put pressure on herself, Hugh Jackman wants to spend more time with his family and Taylor Swift is intent on switching off from online.
Sofia Vergara doesn't want to put pressure on herself, Hugh Jackman wants to spend more time with his family and Taylor Swift is intent on switching off from online.
GO OFFLINE: Taylor Swift
Simplify life: Michelle Pfeiffer
Zac Efron

Katie Ellies

So what are the stars vowing to change for 2013?

Justin Bieber wants to be more idle teen than teen idol, Taylor Swift needs to log off and it's going to be happy, healthy 2013 for Angelina Jolie.

These are just some of the celebrity New Year's resolutions, proving that when it comes to starting over, even the stars have a habit to kick or a dream to fulfil.

Like the rest of us, Hollywood's biggest names will be taking stock, looking in the mirror at all those bumps and bulges and vowing to be better, thinner, kinder and richer than before.

Here, 20 top stars tell us how they resolve to change their lives.


"My resolution is to relax more. I have been better at doing that because before I was just go, go, go all the time. I've learned to take the time to just chill and be me."


"I usually say I'm going to be healthier and see more of my friends, but it never lasts. I think I'll just enjoy New Year, have some food and a nice time and see how I feel then. I don't want to put pressure on myself."


"To cut down the amount of time I spend online. I have such an annoying habit, my friends hate it. If they bring up something that I don't quite understand – a reference or something – I really quickly google it, and then I'll make a list of the things that I've googled during the day and go back to them that night and learn about them."


"It's pretty much the same every year – my resolution is always to reflect back and look at ways I can simplify my life and find ways that I can appreciate the many blessings that I have.

"It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race of everything that you forget that it's all good; well, maybe not all of it is good but most of it is really, really good. I always fall slightly short of what I'm hoping to do, but I try to keep it realistic."


"With six children, it's hard to make resolutions because I count my blessings every day. You can't hope for more than to stay happy and healthy."


"I don't believe in New Year resolutions. They just set you up for guilt for the rest of the year."


"My New Year resolution is to chill the hell out! I like to get everything done. Sometimes, even if I'm exhausted, I'll try to make it happen. I want it to be right all the time."


"I want to give up smoking, for good. I am trying, but nobody is perfect. I used to hate cigarettes, but I picked them up when I did 'Frida' because I had to learn how to do it for the movie and I got hooked.

"I smoked for roughly 10 years, but I stopped when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. I am free and clear now and I want to make sure it's for good."


"I do have a bad habit that I maybe should deal with. I have this really bad trait where I never consider failure.

"If I want something I just go until I get it. That can be a problem because it doesn't always work."


"Every year I just hope for smooth sailing. No big ups and no big downs. And as a dad, all you hope for is pure happiness for your kids."


"My New Year's resolution is just to have fun and be happy and be healthy, and to continue to work hard."


"I don't make resolutions as such, but I do love New Year. It's my favourite holiday. It's such an optimistic time; a fresh start. So I just try to embrace that."


"I don't usually make resolutions. If I need to make a change in my life, I usually just do it. I've never heard a good New Year's resolution. They just go in one ear and out the other with me."


"My New Year's resolution is to hopefully keep working when I can and to be happy and healthy."


"I want to learn bar chords on the guitar. It's more of a goal than a resolution, but I'm going to try."


"I don't know if I would call them resolutions, but every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish in my personal and professional life. Then, I put the list in a place where I can always see it. I don't have a good record with resolutions. If I've ever made them, I've forgotten them by February."


"Not to talk to myself so much. I tend to have full-blown conversations with myself. I find it therapeutic, but it's really quite embarrassing when you get caught doing it."


"To spend as much time with my family as I can. I've just worked away from them for the first time and it was so hard."


"To sort out my iPod. I have so much on it. It's ridiculous, everything from Mumford and Sons to Justin Timberlake to Bob Dylan. It's all over the place."


"The only resolution anyone needs to make is to always try your best in whatever you do."

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