Wednesday 22 November 2017

My How You've Changed

Lisa Murphy is going for a more high maintenance look these days.
Lisa Murphy is going for a more high maintenance look these days.
The blonde locks and baby face has been replaced with a more rugged and mature, but also a more handsome Brian O'Driscoll. Good job Amy!
Colin Farrell is looking less Mickey Rourke and more A-list movie stars these days.
Amy Huberman has replaced the comfy jeans and cardi for red carpet glam.
Supermodel Janice Dickinson openly admits to having turned to the knife to stay looking young. She has recently gone bankrupt reportedly owing money for plastic surgery and taxes.
Glenda Gilson has swapped her bronzing brush for a GHD.
Lindsay Lohan is another one of those twentysomethings whose angular features are looking softer these days.
Meg Ryan isn't the natural girl next door we remember from When Harry Met Sally.
Posh Spice, whose gummy smile didn't render her so self-conscious is long gone, replaced with the paler, I want to be taken seriously designer Victoria.
Heidi Montag is more Barbie and less girl next door these days, since undergoing over 10 cosmetic procedures in a day.
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has clearly discovered pressed powder and the secret of crease-free skin.
Apart from the long blonde hair, fashion Designer Donatella Versace has changed dramatically over the years.
Working Girl Melanie Griffith has never admitted to having any work done. What do you think?
Sharon Osbourne is happy to admit to having work done. What a difference from 'mumsy' to 'manager extraordinaire' !
The future looks very 'smooth' for Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.
Glamour model turned entrepreneur Katie Price has admitted to collagen injections in her twenties.
10 points for every subtle difference you can spot in Cameron Diaz's visage.
Nicole Kidman has polished her look over the years and these days is always seen looking groomed to perfection.
Actress Megan Fox is only 26, but she has already changed dramatically from pretty teen to Angelina lookalike movie star.
Leslie Ash's appearance changed dramatically when her lips were injected with silicone instead of collagen.
Eccentric Daphne Guinness has an impressive profile for a 45-year-old.

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