Thursday 22 March 2018

Monkeygate continues: Justin Bieber is given four weeks to rescue his pet monkey

Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

The superstar singer has given one month to reclaim Mally from German customs officials

Justin Bieber has been given a four-week deadline by German customs agent to reclaim his seized monkey.

The 19-year-old superstar has been in the headlines once again this week after his 14-week-old capuchin monkey Mally, was seized by customs officials in Germany as he flew into Munich or a sold-out concert.

And while he's come under fire for not jumping to his monkey's aid - the singer insists that Mally is one of his only five friends in the world. According to German officials, The Biebs did not have the right paperwork to allow the animal in the country and his furry friend was put into mandatory quarantine.

Justin monkeys around with Mally
Justin monkeys around with Mally
The Biebs enjoys some downtime with the capuchin monkey
The Biebs enjoys some downtime with the capuchin monkey
The Biebs enjoys some downtime with the capuchin monkey

However, the submission of the correct health papers would ensure his release. If he does not meet the deadline, the capuchin monkey will be placed into permanent care, and the newly single star has since left the city.

"The monkey is cheerful and is eating well and has his replacement mummy [a toy cat] with it all the time," said Karl-Heinz Joachim, from Munich's animal sanctuary.

"[The monkey was] apparently taken away from its mother when it was between nine and 10 weeks old," he added. "This is much too early.Those who were looking after it should have known."

Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has been in touch with the sanctuary and is reportedly working on the necessary paperwork to get his pet monkey back.

PETA Germany has been in touch with the shelter where Mally is being held, and say that he is "being treated wonderfully well. Mally is in excellent hands and in a safe place, and will be integrated with other monkeys so that he can receive the social interaction vital to his well-being and psychological growth."

The animal rights organisation added that it's common for youths to purchase pets without being fully informed.

"Young people often acquire animals without considering the impact or consequences, and Justin Bieber likely had no idea that Mally was a baby, taken away from [his] mother at way too young an age. We trust that he'll do the right thing and pay for Mally to stay in Europe with people who are sensitive to, and familiar with, [his] unique needs."

"Unfortunately, monkeys can be sold in the USA. In Germany, not everyone can buy a monkey," PETA added. "In Germany a monkey can [be] adopted only when he can live with another monkey and not alone."

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