Friday 23 March 2018

Leonardo DiCaprio's step-brother 'missing' after prison release

Leonardo DiCaprio's loved ones are reportedly worried about his "missing" stepbrother.

Former actor Adam Farrar has allegedly been missing for a month since leaving prison after serving a three-week sentence for theft and violating probation.

“Adam was in jail and now I don’t know where he is. He was here at my house for about two or three days, then he just disappeared," a family friend told British newspaper The Sun.

“I’ve tried calling him but his number is disconnected. I spoke to his dad a couple of days ago and still no one has heard from him.

“I’ve known him since kindergarten and I’m worried. He’s gone off the rails in the past few years. He doesn’t have a permanent home and he flits around from friends’ houses and Lord knows where else.”

Adam, 42, appeared in TV series Galactica 1980, which is thought to have fuelled Leonardo's interest in acting.

But while the 39-year-old became a huge Hollywood star thanks to films such as Titanic and The Beach, Adam has apparently been to court on charges of harassment, possession of a controlled substance, driving without a licence and domestic violence over the past three years.

“Adam started out as the actor and got Leo into it. It’s amazing how it flipped.

“He could still be living that lifestyle with Leo if he hadn’t gone off the rails," the insider continued.

“Leo has tried to stick by him but their relationship has become more difficult in recent years. We are all worried about Adam.”

Leonardo's career continues to go from strength to strength with recent roles in The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Apparently his success is driving an even greater wedge between himself and Adam.

“They were brothers and best friends rolled into one. Adam was Leo’s hero too and very influential in his early years," a friend said.

“Then, when Leo became so famous, Adam took it upon himself to be the protective older brother and would always have his back when they were out in Hollywood clubs.

“But in recent years it has become hard for Leo to maintain their relationship. Adam has been in and out of prison and has gone on another path in life that makes it tough for Leo to remain at his side.

“Now Leo just hopes he can sort himself out.”

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