Friday 23 February 2018

Jon Hamm ordered to wear underwear on set of Mad Men

John Hamm on set in Hawaii in the new series of Mad Men.
John Hamm on set in Hawaii in the new series of Mad Men.
The actor who plays Don Draper, is apparently a fan of going commando
The sixth season of mad Men had its premiere in New York last night and will be screened in the States next month
A poster tweeted by AMC has been much speculated on for the new series.
Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt arrive at the Premiere of AMC's "Mad Men" Season 6 last night

Commando fan Jon Hamm has been ordered to start wearing pants on the set of Mad Men, according to reports.

The actor who plays Don Draper, is apparently a fan of going commando, but Mad Men bosses have asked him to put on underwear, to remain true to how people dressed in the 1960s.

The actor, who attended the Season Six Premiere of the show with fellow cast members including January Jones last night in New York, is a fan of going without underwear off set, but has been told that the practice is causing something of a distraction:

“This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination,”  one Mad Men insider has been reported as saying.   “Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear.”

Photos of Hamm shopping with his girlfriend, and apparently hanging loose have become something of an internet sensation, with many suggesting that images have been photo shopped to enhance Hamm’s natural assets.

The show’s insider has even suggested that promotional material for earlier series of the show were photo shopped to downplay Hamm’s manhood, which was causing something of a  distraction.  

 “Imagine how distracting that would be on the side of a bus or building,” the insider said.

The new series which starts airing next month in the States, takes place in the 1960s and bosses have been tight lipped about what the season holds for the main characters.

However a poster tweeted by programme makers AMC has given rise to a lot of speculation about what is in store for Don in this series. 

Showing the ad man on Madison Avenue, he appears to be in a rush to get away from a police road block, while passing another man dressed also as Don Draper, which is leading to speculation that his past as Dick Whitman is finally catching up with him. 


Stills released from the show place the action firmly in the groovy era of the 1960s with the Draper children now in their teens and Don’s second wife Megan embracing the fashion of the era in 1960s psychedelic outfits.

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