Tuesday 20 March 2018

"I didn't get a nose job," insists Carol

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman hurt hurself falling down the stairs
Carol Vorderman and Graham Duff
Carol Voderman has been forced to wear flats since breaking her nose
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

The TV star has slammed rumours that she lied about breaking her nose

Carol Vorderman has insisted that she didn't pretend to break her nose in order to cover up a secret nose job. The 52-year-old presenter hit the headlines yesterday after posting a photo of her bruised face courtesy of a pair of sky high heels. And afterwards, Carol was at the centre of surgery rumours by several Twitter trolls.

The Countdown star called BBC radio to clear up the rumours and vehemently denied going under the knife, saying that her pictures is "proof" that she fell.

"I sent out some photos after it happened just because there were some stupid rumours going round," she told Chris Evans. "You'll see how the nose was bent immediately afterwards, so that's proof there.

"I knew I'd broken my nose as soon as I hit it, so obviously I screamed. There was blood everywhere."

After tripping down the stairs, Carol's boyfriend Graham Duff, 38, rushed her to hospital and has a been a constant by her side since.

While she recovers at home, the Loose Women host shared a photo of her extensive facial injuries and looks virtually unrecognisable with visible bruising on her forehead and a giant plaster protecting her nose.

"I’m feeling okay but because I had my hands in my coat pockets, I had nothing to break my fall except my head. I really do look like I’ve done eight rounds with Muhammad Ali.

“The bruising round my eye has reached its peak. I also have stitches in my forehead and left eyelid. I am just counting my blessings that I didn’t damage my skull or the left eye itself...feel like a complete idiot."

A source close to Carol revealed that she is determined to stay in high spirits. “The fall was really nasty," the insider said. "Thankfully, she hasn’t done lasting damage, although the bruising will look horrific over the next few days. Luckily, Graham is there to help nurse her through it all.”








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