Saturday 20 January 2018

Wyle: I got pal Falling Skies role

Noah Wyle stars in Falling Skies
Noah Wyle stars in Falling Skies

Noah Wyle has revealed he helped get old friend Robert Sean Leonard a job in his TV show Falling Skies.

The House actor joins the cast of the sci fi series, starring ER star Noah as Tom Mason, leader of a group of survivors fighting alien invaders. Robert joins the latest series as Dr Roger Kadar.

Noah revealed: "I put Bob up for the job. We did a movie called Swing Kids together back in the early nineties.

"Although we never really kept in touch in the 20 years since we'd worked together, I'd always had the utmost respect for his talent. We have the same manager.

"I'd always thought I'd love to get him up here to work on this, and it worked out. He's such a light on set! He's a very funny guy. When we're out there shooting at night in the rain and what not, it's always welcoming to have someone like that."

The 42-year-old actor promised the latest season of Falling Skies is the best yet, as he feels the cast and crew have learned the best way to recreate the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

He revealed: "This is the strongest season to date.

The first season we had a really good concept and we didn't really know quite how to execute it. We learned a lot from watching those first season episodes.

"We learned that the show works better at night, that when there's some shadow and some mystery, that these characters are more compelling when they're wet, dirty, bloody, looking miserable.

We learn which relationships really had some pop and some gravitas to them, and we kind of built on that momentum.

"We just sort of keep figuring it out, refining it to a greater and greater degree as we go on."

::Falling Skies returns to Fox on Tuesday July 16, 2013 at 9pm.

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