Tuesday 23 January 2018

Who’s that girl? Harry Styles' Dublin fan becomes victim of internet trolls

Harry Styles and Fia Litton at the O2 last night
Harry Styles and Fia Litton at the O2 last night
Harry and Lia
Lia is a beautiful teenager from Dublin
The final year student has been targeted by One Direction fans on Twitter
Fia Litton
Fionnuala McCarthy

Fionnuala McCarthy

A FINAL year student from Balbriggan who got to meet Harry Styles and One Direction last night, has been targeted by jealous fans online.

Fia Litton was thrilled last night when she met Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates at the O2. Her uncle, Preston Mahon works as a security guard for the band and used his connections to get his niece backstage and introduce her to the boys following the gig.

Fia took a series of photos of herself with fan favourite Harry Styles, and posted them on her Twitter account. However, she was immediately targeted by One Direction fans who did not approve of the photos, including one where Harry is seen giving her a peck on the cheek. Several Twitter users have been sending her nasty messages since.

“Does your family approve of your sluttiness,” one commenter wrote.

Another posted: “We're happy you met Harry, but you seem like you're bragging too much, rubbing it into our fan base that you met him and we didn’t”

Fia replied: “I am not bragging, I am putting up pictures like anyone would. Relax, we are friends.”

Another comment read: “How to be an attention w**** written and illustrated by Fia Litton.”

The student is the second Irish girl to be targeted in a week by One Direction fans after posting pictures with the teen idols.

Last week, a Belfast schoolgirl who partied with Harry Styles in his hotel, has been receiving death threats on Twitter from One Direction fans.

Shaniece Nesbitt, 18, caught the eye of the pop star at the band's Thursday night show at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.

Shaniece went along with several friends and they  are said to have partied with Harry until 4am.

After pictures were posted on Facebook and Twitter, the teenager found herself the centre of attention, with hundreds of Directioners bombarding her with questions and messages.

She also described the attention as “madness”, tweeting “this is insane”.

A source close to the family said: “She's been hounded since it all came out. But nothing happened with him.

“She was there with a friend and went home at 4am. She's a very well brought up girl and can't believe all this has happened.”

Two of Harry’s previous girlfriends have been the victims of hate campaigns.

Taylor Swift who dated the singer for 11 weeks received death threats, and Caroline Flack has spoken of the hurt caused to her by comments in a fanzine that referred to her as an "old woman" and "foul mistress.”

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