Wednesday 13 December 2017

'We count our blessings' - Xpose's Aisling's partner offered a lifeline

Aisling O’Loughlin's partner receiving treatment for leukaemia

TV3’s Aisling O’Loughlin with partner Nicholas MacInnes.
TV3’s Aisling O’Loughlin with partner Nicholas MacInnes.

Xpose star Aisling O’Loughlin’s partner may be given bone marrow by his brother in Australia should his treatment for leukaemia be unsuccessful.

A doctor spotted something was wrong with photographer Nick MacInnes during a routine check-up for their new baby.

His younger brother Alex is ready to donate bone marrow to the 47-year-old if the chemotherapy he is receiving at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin fails to beat the cancer of the blood cells.

‘‘It’s amazing what modern medicine can do.  It might not get to that if the chemotherapy goes well but it’s a plan that’s set in place if he needs it,’’ Aisling told

‘‘You never know with cancer, you can never get too complacent about things but at the moment it’s going well,’’ she said.

His brother has visited a local hospital in Sydney to undergo blood samples to ensure his bone marrow is a match for his sick sibling.

‘‘Alex is the only person that can do it, not even a first cousin can give bone marrow and he is his only sibling,’’ the presenter explained.

If Nick does need the operation, his brother will not have to fly to Ireland as the bone marrow can be transported from Australia.

Nick has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy and doctors will assess whether the operation will be needed over another two rounds of chemotherapy if he needs them.

Aisling O'Loughlin

Xposé's Aisling O'Loughlin

The TV presenter hopes his treatment for the acute myeloid leukemia won’t come to having the operation.

‘‘We count our blessings because at least he’s not suffering or in great pain and we know how horrific cancer can be,’’ she said.

He was diagnosed at St.Vincent’s Hospital in early February after Aisling earlier insisted that he get an assessment while they brought their newborn for a check-up in Bray Medical Centre.

The couple have remained positive for their two young children, Patrick, two and four-month-old Louis.

She said her partner sneaked out of hospital last weekend to watch Ireland win the Six Nations in Paris.

Aisling is currently on maternity leave from TV3 and will return to her presenting role on Xpose in May.

The mother-of-two is looking forward to returning to work for the social aspect.

‘‘[Being a stay-at-home mum] is really hard and I’m really impressed by mums that choose to stay at home because it is the harder of the two,’’ she said.

She said being given 6 months maternity has been a ‘‘gift’’ because it has helped her to more easily adapt to her partner battling his illness.

The Xpose star has previously said the fact that Nick cannot see his two little boys while he receives treatment makes the situation difficult.

"They're so close. That's the hard part. Nick has minded Patrick from day one and children are not allowed into the wards because they're germ carriers,’’ she told just two weeks after his diagnosis.

By Aishling Phelan

Irish Independent

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