Monday 23 October 2017

Wardrobe malfunction: Daniella Moyles pops out in daring blazer at awards show

Danielle was attending the Eric awards in Dublin last night. PHOTO: VIP PIctures
Danielle was attending the Eric awards in Dublin last night. PHOTO: VIP PIctures
Danielle wore an eye popping red jacket, that revealed a little too much.
Danielle's jacket wasn't very bra friendly.
Danielle was on stage to present at the Eric awards in the Village last night.

Daniella Moyles may have revealed more than she intended last night as she strutted the red carpet at an awards show.

The TV presenter suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction when she attended entertainment awards, the Erics.

Daniella, who often trains up to five times and a week, showed off her enviable physique in an eye-popping outfit.

Despite the chilly January weather, the 24-year-old did not seem too bothered by the temperature and wore a low-cut red blazer, without any top underneath, with skin-tight shiny leggings and strappy sandals.

A back view of the blazer, which was cut-out, showed that this uncompromising outfit did not allow for a bra.

At one point, as the Kildare native posed for the camera, the jacket slipped to one side, possibly displaying more flesh than Daniella realised.

Speaking to the Evening Herald about the ‘nip slip’, the TV presenter said her embarrassment was compounded by the guilt she felt for the Irish designer who created the top.

“Obviously it’s embarrassing but I feel really bad for the Irish designer Sarah O’Neill because it’s a beautiful top and now everybody’s just focusing on the wardrobe malfunction,” she told the Herald.

Daniella had been modelling from 7am yesterday morning, and went straight to The Erics awards and says she didn’t have time to make sure everything was pinned in place.

She posed for the photograph but didn’t realise she “had fallen out” of her top. The first Daniella knew about it was when she received texts and tweets about the image. “I’m usually really careful about stuff like this but mistakes happen,” she said.

The Movie Show reporter was at the event in The Village in Dublin, where guests included musician Paul Brady, Game of Thrones actor Jack Gleeson and Delorontos, who performed on the night.

Love/Hate was the winner of Best Irish TV Show while weather presenter Jean Byrne walked away with TV personality of the year.

Daniella was nominated for Bachelorette of the Year but lost out to musician Wallis Bird.

Before the event, Daniella tweeted: “C'mon lucky pants, need to win an award to put on my CV.”

It’s no surprise that the model, who is signed to the Andrea Roche Modelling Agency, is keen to show off her remarkable figure. She tackled the ultimate fitness pursuit in November 2011 when she climbed Kilimanjaro with fellow models Rozanna Purcell, Lynn Kelly and Emily Mackeogh in aid of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

She recently revealed to the Irish Independent’s FIT magazine that her New Year resolution is to do more exercise this year. “It’s a lifestyle change and that’s kind of the hardest thing to make, I think. IT’s a diet change, a time commitment. It’s going in and doing something that doesn’t make you feel so good straightaway, which is not always delightful when you wake up in the morning. “

“I am going to really try to get as fit as I can, just to see if I can do it and to see if I have that level of commitment,” she said.

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