Monday 18 December 2017

US sit com that dropped Amy Huberman gets universally panned by critics

Amy's hit Comedy Central series Threesome returned last night.
Amy's hit Comedy Central series Threesome returned last night.
Amy was nominated for a Glamour Woman of the Year award for her role in Threesome earlier this year.
Amy Huberman in Threesome - see story Ken SweeneyCaption Emun Elliot, Amy Huberman, Stephen Wight
Amy Huberman in 'Threesome'. Alice, Mitch and Richie continue the party back at home where Alice wants the boys to make her feel a little less boring and a little less thirty.
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Amy Huberman appears to have dodged a bullet when she was dropped from NBC show Animal Practice.

She might have thought that it was the ultimate embarrassment when she was dropped by the show’s producers - but being on the programme could have been more mortifying.

The show, which follows the escapades of Dr George Coleman and his monkey side kick Dr Rizzo, has been universally panned by US critics.

It was described by The New York Times to be the “type of low brow comedy that actually makes you stupider”. The review went on to say that Animal Practice crossed the line “between wacky and desperate early and often”.

Amy (33), whose hit Comedy Central series Threesome returned last night, was cast in Animal Practice earlier this summer before being unceremoniously dropped by the show’s producers.

But it’s Animal Practice that’s turning out to be a bit of a disaster.

“The cast were upstaged by the monkey,” wrote The Hollywood Reporter. But perhaps that’s not entirely surprising, given that Crystal the monkey, who plays Dr Rizzo, is the most accomplished actor on set having appeared in The Hangover 2 and Night at The Museum. Crystal has also received more fan mail that the rest of the Animal Practice cast combined.

At the time Amy said: “It was a whirlwind. I read for the part and then I was cast in it and I was thinking how will I do this? Will I fly back to Ireland? How’s it going to work?”

Barely able to contain his excitement, husband Brian O’Driscoll tweeted at the time “very proud of my wife who’s new show Animal Practice has been picked up by NBC Stateside”. But in la-la land things are never that straight forward, and within hours the producers had recast the series and given the part to another actress.

Amy later admitted that the experience had shaken her confidence. “I’m not going to say it wasn’t a knock for me because it was – more the fact that it was so public then the job itself. My professional pride was hurt because everyone was saying it was a disaster,” she said.

But now that her comedy show ‘Threesome’ is back on our screens it’s onwards and upwards for the Cabinteely native who has thrown herself back into work since returning from the City of Angels.

Speaking of her LA rejection, Amy said hearing 'no' was something she is well used to. “Listen, I’m an actress. I’ve been doing this for twelve years. I’m rejected on a daily basis so I’m well used to it,” she said.

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