Thursday 22 March 2018


Clooney's ex gets a sweet $6,000 for her tweets

Orla Healy

Stacy Keibler says she finds it hilarious that so many people think her relationship with George Clooney cracked over the issue of marriage. Or babies. "Everyone that knows me thinks it's the funniest story because that is the last thing on my mind," the former professional wrestler said on Wednesday in her first interview (with Good Morning America) since splitting from her movie-star boyfriend.

"I think I'm a bit different from most women out there," Keibler added, revealing that topics such as marriage ("We didn't discuss that") or kids ("I'm not really thinking about that right now") never even came up during the couple's two-year relationship.

"I'm doing great," she also said, more than once, in what was probably quite an understatement. Despite the fact that the couple split last March, Keibler was able to keep the details, such as they are, quiet until last week when she hit the talk-show circuit to promote her new gig as host of Lifetime TV's latest reality show Supermarket Superstar. Industry watchers speculate the novice 33-year-old broadcaster scored a contract close to $1m to present the show, bringing her reported earnings ($40,000 appearance fees plus $6,000 per tweet etc) since hooking up with Clooney up to a cool $10m.

Maybe the "source" who dished to US Weekly about the couple's break-up was telling the truth when he/she explained: "Stacy has always been independent and has been focusing on her work. She got fed up with the distance between them and broke it off." Or maybe not.

Colour coding for bridezilla

Legendary investor George Soros, 82, is pulling out all the stops for his upcoming wedding to girlfriend Tamiko Bolton, 41, which will take place in Manhattan early in September. The enthusiastic bridegroom, who has been married twice before, will host a series of events around the city before and after the main event which his yoga-instructor bride – much to the fascination of NYC's wedding planning community – is overseeing.

Bolton's insistence that caterers use only local vendors for farm-to-table produce and flowers caused a certain amount of chatter, but nothing compared to the bridezilla moment that was generated by her request that a full-on runway presentation be staged for her "people" (and their assistants) to showcase the various clothing options for the catering staff. No word on Bolton's selection, but plenty of comment about her predilection for very precise colour co-ordination.

Love hates to kiss 'n' tell

Courtney Love knows how to frame a comeback. The 49-year-old rocker, who is planning a new album (Died Blonde) and solo tour for next year, will kick-start her latest reinvention with the publication of a memoir in December. The rub: the reformed train-wreck will dish up "some salacious things about myself, but there's certainly no kissy-telly. I don't do kiss-tell ... In fact, you'd think I was the Virgin Mary from this book." Sold.

Veep still has eye on top job

Joe Biden isn't letting Hillary Clinton's hesitation hurt his game-plan. "I can die a happy man never having been President of the United States of America," the 70-year-old Veep tells GQ. "But it doesn't mean I won't run."

The two-time White House candidate, who is expected to back away from the 2016 race if Hillary Clinton opts to run, sounds irked by the perception that his future is predicated on her decision. "The judgement I'll make is, first of all, am I still as full of as much energy as I have now – do I feel this? ... No 2: Do I think I'm the best person in the position to move the ball?" he tells the magazine. "And, you know, we'll see where the hell I am."

The only time Biden mentions Clinton in the wide-ranging interview is when he tries to contrast their expectations.

"I never speak about anything I don't know a great deal about," he says. "That I haven't worked like hell for. But that's not what you'd expect. You might expect Clinton to do that ... I'm getting –" Biden cuts off, as GQ notes, to look out a window.

Biden's buddy John McCain also weighs in on the notion of the guy GQ dubs "the most misunderstood man in Washington", landing in the Oval Office.

"He's unique in that he's had some role in every major national-security crisis that his nation has faced in the last 35 years. I don't know anyone like him in the senate," McCain gushes. "Look at the number of times he's been able to conclude agreements. I would say he's been the most impactful vice-president that I've known – certainly in modern times," he says, keeping it somewhat real with a crack at Biden's verbose reputation: "Of course, the State of the Union speech would be the longest in history."

So over Hill's hair fan club

America may finally be over its fixation with Hillary Clinton's hair. Following the recent debut of a new (tousled, bouncy) coiffure, Hillary's hair has inspired two new Twitter handles: @HillarysHair and @Hillarys_Hair, which tweet about the former First Lady's "use of a butterfly clip" that, natch, also spawned a Facebook fan page entitled "Hillary Clinton's Butterfly Clip".

Despite the inevitable buzz questioning the significance of Hillary's new do, both Twitter accounts have fallen flat, failing to pick up a following beyond double-digits. Time, perhaps, to move on, or as one critic suggested, for Hillary to get a better haircut.

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