Thursday 14 December 2017

Timberlake's band jammed for five hours in Dublin music store

SESSION: Justin Timberlake’s drummer Brian Frasier Moore and a bandmate in the Music Maker store on Exchequer Street
SESSION: Justin Timberlake’s drummer Brian Frasier Moore and a bandmate in the Music Maker store on Exchequer Street


They wowed 40,000 Justin Timberlake fans in the Phoenix Park last Wednesday night, but it was his backing band's private jam session in a Dublin music store the night before that has people talking.

The Cry Me A River singer's world-class musicians descended on the Music Maker store on Exchequer Street on Tuesday night and jammed for almost five hours, knocking out hits from superstars including Michael Jackson, Jay-Z and Lauren Hill.

The session came about out of a long-standing relationship between store staff and some of the world's leading drummers including Chris Johnson, who plays with Rihanna, George "Spanky" McGurdy (Lady Gaga), Rex Hardy (Mary J Blige) and Brian Frasier Moore (Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Christina Aguilera).

In recent years, Music Maker general manager John Paul Prior and his team have set up "shed sessions" for the drummers to "escape the rigours and rigidities" of such big world tours and allow them to "cut loose and play for fun".

"We made friends with these guys and we have from time to time set the shop up for them to come in and play. They love it because it lets them blow off some steam and simply play for fun," said Prior.

The night before Timberlake's 20/20 extravaganza in the Park, Frasier Moore and a colleague arrived at the store after it had closed to jam with some Irish musicians.

It was all very last-minute, but once staff got the word they immediately set up drum kits, bass amps and keyboards in the drum department, as well as getting a few beers in to help with the mood.

Clearly enjoying himself, Philadelphia native Frasier Moore texted his bandmates who soon arrived along with other members of the tour entourage including dancers and choreographers and began jamming.

"It was incredible – the vibe in the room was amazing. You had to pinch yourself to believe it was happening," said Prior.

"They arrived at about 8pm and played until about 1am. By the end there were so many musicians that people were taking turns, but it was great."

Three clips of the extended jam session that were made available to the Sunday Independent show Timberlake's band playing alongside some Dublin-based musicians who are well-known to Music Maker staff.

In one clip, the ensemble can be heard playing Lauren Hill's smash hit Doo Wop, That Thing while in another they are playing rapper Jay-Z's version of It's A Hard Knock Life.

As the musicians play, other members of Timberlake's entourage can be seen dancing and shouting their approval.

The only person missing from the night was the main man himself.

During his stay in Dublin, Timberlake and his wife, Hollywood actress Jessica Biel, stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Ballsbridge.

Drummer Chris Johnson is due back in Dublin at the end of the month, once Timberlake's tour has come to an end, and Prior is arranging another session with him, he said.

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