Monday 23 April 2018

‘The secret to ageing gracefully is good posture’ – Model boss Celia Holman Lee

Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

THE evergreen Celia Holman Lee says the secret to being sexy at 60 is standing upright.

"I'm a great believer in posture," the glam gran told the Herald.

"I'm a great woman for standing up straight. I think good posture is everything.

"How you stand makes such a difference -- to any women of any age. It takes years off and makes you stronger.

"And I make sure to take plenty of vitamins and fish oil," she added.

Celia runs Ireland's longest standing modelling agency, Holman Lee Agency, and says at 62 she has never felt sexier.

"Sixty is the new 40 and the new 20," she said.

"I think women in their 60s should always feel sexy.

"Of course they should. I go mad when people ask me that. You don't stop being sexy at a certain age. I still feel sexy and so should all women."

According to Celia, there is a new generation of sexy sixtysomethings roaming the streets of Ireland.

"We're not 'old' anymore," she explains. "Seventy and 80 are old but not 60."

The Limerick native has three grandchildren; Erica (2 and a half), Ryan (2) and Henry (4) and says becoming a granny changed her outlook on life.

"For me it's like getting a second chance. Glam gran suits me down to the ground."

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