Saturday 18 November 2017

The quick question: Katherine Lynch

She is our very own Wonderwoman whose new series, 'Wonderwomen', kicks off on RTE Two this Monday, lifting the comedic lid on the modern Irish woman.

So we donned our superhero costume and Lasso of Truth and tracked down comedian Katherine Lynch to find out about foot fetish pornography, how one of her characters ruined Ronan Keating's career and why Patrick Kavanagh would have approved of it all

Were you really raised by drag queens?

Well, I started my career with a show in the gay scene. So, yes, I have been nurtured by drag queens.

They obviously did a good job because you went on to win Alternative Miss Ireland.

A lot of people really thought I was a drag queen. My stage name was Busty Lycra.

Ah, yes, Busty Lycra. The Northern Irish foot fetish model and porn star character from your first TV series . . .

Yeah, she began life in the gay scene. It's where I found the glitz and glamour and an audience that loves comedy and women.

Isn't that what you would call an oxymoron?

Every woman knows you can't beat a gay man for a great night out!

Damn! That's where I've been going wrong. Anyhow, a little birdy tells me you are the granddaughter of Patrick Kavanagh?

I'm the grandniece of Patrick Kavanagh. He never had any children, so I couldn't be his granddaughter.

Doh! Of course he didn't! (That's the last time I steal my facts from back issues of the RTE Guide). So, what would he make of all your shenanigans?

He'd absolutely love it!

Well, you would say that, wouldn't you . . .

The poets of that time were the rock and rollers and used to being controversial. Comedians are the rock and rollers nowadays.

So which of your female characters is your favourite?

That's like asking a woman to pick her favourite child.

Don't say that. It brings back painful memories. I still haven't forgiven you

mother . . .

But if I had to pick one, it would be, I suppose, Liz Hurley.

The sexually confused small-town girl of 35 who still lives at home with the Mammy, coaches the local ladies' GAA team, plays bass in small-town AC/DC Tribute act 50-50?

Yes, but I have a gra for all of them in their own way. You know, women are a complicated lot.

Tell me about it! But are Irish women an even more complicated lot than your common-or-garden woman?

You're a man, you should know!

They are a conundrum even Einstein would find impossible to figure out! Anyway, as a big fan I am disappointed Busty Lycra is not in the new series. What gives?

Well you know what? RTE found her a little too rude.

A porn star with a toe fetish -- what's rude about that?!

Sometimes the Irish public is a little bit scared of comedy.

Yes, she'll be back but she just needs a little tweaking . . . as if she hasn't been tweaked enough [laughs].

One of your other characters, Bernie Walsh, met Ronan Keating in your last outing on RTE. Did she give him some career advice?

She did and I think she gave him the wrong advice

Well, that figures! And finally, if Busty Lycra had to (and I mean had to) do a saucy movie scene -- Cowen, Lenihan or that little rascal Bertie?

Well, she did say to Bertie she was looking for her better half, but he just said he was looking for his whole . . .

Well, that's just gone and ruined my breakfast, thank you very much.


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