Friday 20 September 2019

The party's over Una... sober up and start getting some sense

Pop starlet and party girl Una Healy has climbed the ladder of fame, only to let herself down badly, writes Niamh Horan

PAPPED: Una Healy is snapped outside a Leeson Street nightclub on her last birthday.
PAPPED: Una Healy is snapped outside a Leeson Street nightclub on her last birthday.

IT sure is a long way from Tipperary. And the sweetest girl we -- used to -- know. Plonked on her rear end in front of the baying British paparazzi, after a night celebrating her bandmate Frankie Sandford's birthday at China White, Una Healy cut a painful sight.

Skirt up to her backside, six-inch heels in the air, she giggled childishly with glee as the flashbulbs exploded.

Once again Ireland's latest pop princess had toppled from her showbiz throne and stumbled out on to the dirty pavement of a London sidestreet.

It may be an old-fashioned attitude, but you've got to wonder what her parents must think. Not to mention her reserved country and Irish musician uncle Declan Nerney.

Is this the same dream they had for their promising young starlet when she took off to the bright lights in her quest for fame?

A beautiful young girl, Bambi-eyed, flowing locks, statuesque figure and the voice of an angel would be a sure-fire bet to make it to the top of the cut-throat music industry. So now she's reached the dizzying heights, why is she so quick to let herself down?

In recent weeks, some of the paparazzi shots have been revealing to say the least.

In the run-up to Christmas, she was snapped looking worse for wear after a night in another top London nightclub, Aura.

By the end of the evening she could barely keep her eyes open, and unwittingly flashed her crotch in the full glare of the cameras as she tried to clamber into her cab home, legs spread-eagled.

Perhaps the saddest aspect of all is that she seems oblivious to the spectacle she's making of herself.

At the beginning of 2010 she told FHM magazine that she planned not to give up her drunken antics, but to stop being photographed in the throes of inebriation.

Beside sultry air-brushed snaps, she announced: "My new year's resolution is to not get papped while I'm p***ed, like I did on my birthday. Everyone does it, but we have to be a bit careful now."

No such fear of simply cutting back on the sauce instead then, Una?

She started the new year by blaming her latest round of embarrassing pics and late-night tumble on her sky-high footwear.

Funnily enough, no reason was given for the fact that she looked like a bleary-eyed mess.

It seems the saccharine-sweet smile, perfectly groomed hair and wholesome bubblegum pop image has rapidly disappeared as she instead becomes one of Ireland's cringiest exports.

Where once self-confessed binge drinker Michelle Heaton, Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding, and topless model Jordan vied for the tabloid front pages with their unsightly exits, now Una is making shockwaves all of her own.

And she's losing her once proud army of Irish followers in the process, as well as setting a puzzling example to her fan base of impressionable young girls and reinforcing the image of the Irish as a nation of men and women who can't handle their drink.

You've got to wonder what her friends, well-paid entourage or rugby-hunk boyfriend think when they pick up the paper the following day.

So rather than holding our breath and waiting for another misplaced new year's resolution, it's best to tell it straight to the faltering pop singer now.

You don't have to have flaming red cheeks, cauliflower nose and a beer gut to know when to stay away from the nightclub scene.

She has had her embarrassing moments in the form of hi-res glossy tabloidesque pictures -- and right now Una is in serious danger of affecting her well-honed image as a beautiful young girl, and replacing it with something that's hard to stomach.

So, Una, get up off the pavement, dust yourself off and think twice next time you go on a night out --before your fan base deserts you.

You're on the public stage now. Think twice about your behaviour. If not for yourself, then for your family who have to see the papers back home.

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