Tuesday 23 January 2018

The most bizarre Twitter spat ever? Joan Rivers' and Miss Piggy's online feud

Only in Twitter-land... Joan Rivers vs Miss Piggy
Only in Twitter-land... Joan Rivers vs Miss Piggy

Move over C-list celebrities, this is the real deal.

It could be the most bizarre Twitter spat to hit the social media network.

Eighty-year-old American comedian and TV presenter Joan Rivers and glamorous Muppets character Miss Piggy have taken to Twitter to express their feelings about one another.

‘Fashion Police’ Rivers, known for her straight-talking manner, tweeted a photo of bacon this evening, captioning it; ‘Piggy says she has great taste. She’s wrong! Her family tastes better. RT if you agree!’

Pig extraordinaire and good friend of Kermit, Miss Piggy, wasn’t long replying.

‘@Joan_Rivers wants to mess with moi? @QVC clearly knows when they need to bring in some fresh talent to their line-up,” she wrote online.

But nothing ever changes – it looks like Joan could have had the last word, albeit an ironic one.

“Look who's talking, @RealMissPiggy. You've had so much work done, you can oink through your ears,” she tweeted humorously.

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