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Sticks And Stones...

When it comes to losing friends and alienating people, few have the gift of Piers Morgan. Here is just a sample of the things fit to print that people have said about the man.

"The Penis on Legs."

Maureen Lipman, referring to Morgan on Celebrity Apprentice.

"Piers Morgan -- what an easy person to hate."

Graham Norton articulates the feelings of many who have met the man.

"Piers Moron."

How Graham Hislop's Private Eye refers to Morgan.

"He needs a roadie to carry his ego."

Sharon Osbourne (pictured), has finally found someone she hates more than Dannii Minogue.

"Piers Morgan has become Basil Brush, with his own hand up his behind."

AA Gill reviews Morgan's Channel 4 documentary The Death of Celebrity.


Donald Trump gives his verdict on Morgan after he wins the US version of Celebrity Apprentice.

"By his own admission, he's utterly shameless."

Friend Gary Farrow, head of Corporation Public Relations.

"A poisonous, lying, cheating little spiv."

David Yelland, former editor of The Sun.

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