Monday 20 November 2017

Springer not planning to retire

Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer has joked that he will never retire because his wife wouldn't like him at home all day.

The US chat show host turned 70 in February, but admitted he isn't thinking about slowing down.

He said: "I've let NBC know I'll be stopping when I'm 104 because I want to enjoy my retirement! God willing, as long as I'm still healthy, I want to keep working. I'd be bored to death if I wasn't working, so I intend to just keep going.

"My wife probably wouldn't want me to stop either because I'd be at home every day!"

Jerry admitted his long-running tabloid talk show is "a circus" but said its success is down to the fact it is so different to other things on TV.

And he said it has given him the chance to make other sorts of programmes too.

Asked if he had ever been tempted to leave, he said: "No, but I do other shows. I hosted America's Got Talent, I did Dancing With The Stars and then I did other things - for example I was here in Britain as well as on Broadway, doing the musical Chicago. Now I'm doing an international tour of The Price Is Right in the States.

"One of the beauties of doing my show is that it opens up so many doors to doing all kinds of other things. I've been really lucky."

Jerry said he wouldn't change any aspect of his career or life.

He said: "If God came to me and said, 'Hey, I'm going to give you another life, and you have a choice to live this one again or live another one', I'd sign on for this one again in a heartbeat. Who wouldn't? I've been the luckiest person who ever lived. I've had all these great jobs and a great family. It's just the perfect life - I can't believe it, it's pure luck and I'm very appreciative."

:: Jerry Springer is shown on weeknights at 9pm on CBS Drama.

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