Tuesday 20 March 2018

Simpsons to get Lego transformation

Homer and Marge Simpson will be turned into Lego characters for a special episode of The Simpsons
Homer and Marge Simpson will be turned into Lego characters for a special episode of The Simpsons

The Simpsons are set for a plastic makeover, where Springfield and its residents will be re-imagined entirely from Lego.

The Brick Like Me episode, which will air on US screens on May 4, will see the beloved Simpsons family confused when they wake up to an alternative reality, where they have been transformed into Lego characters and the city built out of the plastic brick blocks.

The specially-themed edition marks the 550th episode of the acclaimed animated series, which was created by Matt Groening and premiered in 1989.

The show's writer-producer Matt Selman, who created the idea with Brian Kelley, told Reuters: "We really try to take full advantage of the Lego playground, to tell the story in a different way than we usually would."

Brian added: "It's very hard on the regular show to disassemble our characters without causing them permanent harm, but in Lego, we could do that."

The episode will see patriarch Homer literally falling to pieces and his son Bart reducing the Springfield Elementary School to a rubble of plastic bricks.

With the box office hit The Lego Movie, a newly launched Simpsons Lego toy line and now the TV episode, it could be suspected that much corporate plotting was involved.

But Al Jean, The Simpsons' long-time executive producer explained in a teleconference: "People are probably looking at it going, 'All this fits and it's a plan.' No, it was just the love of Lego."

"Yes, so all the cross-promotion was just gravy, delicious gravy," joked Matt.

Matt has also said he and Brian started working on the plot in 2012, before they were aware of the movie or the spin-off toys.

"We had to have a story worthy of this much technical ambition. If it didn't have heart, character and feeling, all the jokes about someone taking off their head and kicking it into the distance weren't going to play," he said.

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