Thursday 26 April 2018

Ryan Tubridy rushes to the aid of unconscious woman

RTE star Ryan Tubridy came to the aid of a woman who collapsed in a shopping centre.

The father-of-two was out shopping with his teenage daughter in Dublin when the incident occurred.

The young woman collapsed in front of the 2FM broadcaster as he was speaking to another dad outside a shop.

But Tubridy (40) comes from a family of medics, including his late father Patrick and brother Garrett, and knew exactly what to do.

“As we were shooting the breeze, a girl was walking out of the shop. She was walking fast, as if she was running, and then she fell and collapsed in front of me,” he said.

“I thought ‘what am I going to do?’ No-one was doing anything.

“So I grabbed some coats off the shelf and some clothes from around me and I put them under the back of her head and laid her down on the ground.

“She had fainted essentially. I checked her pulse and asked if everything was okay,” he said.

After asking the woman if she could hear him, he then set about trying to track her friend in Nutgrove shopping centre.

“One of the other dads produced a bottle of water and we gave her a sip of water and called an ambulance just in case,” he said.

“She had just fainted but no-one knew what to do. Fortunately I’d seen someone close to me doing something similar to another customer in a pub I was in recently so I kind of knew what to do,” he said.

But a situation such as this doesn’t arise too often.

“You rarely think that you are going to be that person.You don’t quite know how to react,” he said.

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