Tuesday 24 April 2018

Ryan Gosling is a healthy eater

Ryan Gosling's looks have won him millions of female fans
Ryan Gosling's looks have won him millions of female fans

Ryan Gosling's trainer says the heartthrob is a very "clean eater" and avoids junk food.

Personal trainer Ashley Borden worked with the Gangster Squad star for six months, helping him to bulk up for a movie about a wrestler which didn't end up getting made. She revealed to celebuzz.com how Ryan maintains his famously hot body.

She said: "When I was training Ryan he was on a very high calorie diet. He was in the middle of bulking up for a movie role.

"Ryan was eating, eating, eating, but he was eating whole foods. Good food from the ground, like real food! Oatmeal, protein, vegetables, fruit, as opposed to c***. Hamburgers every once in a while are fine. But Ryan was a clean eater!"

Ashley revealed she had been impressed by how hard Ryan had worked to build his strength for the role.

She said: "Ryan's an incredibly down to earth guy, he doesn't act like a star - I mean, I'm working with him, so he acts like all of my clients, we get down to business, we sweat, I'd never ask about personal stuff.

"Yes, Ryan Gosling sweats when he works out! I hate to break it to you, but he's a normal human being...He works hard in the gym, yes, he sweats his ass off!"

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