Monday 22 July 2019

Rosanna defends her getaway in face of media storm

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison and Glenda Gilson in 2009
Former Miss World Rosanna Davison and Glenda Gilson in 2009
Glenda Gilson arriving for her birthday party last night at Wright's Angler's Rest
Johnny Ronan and Glenda Gilson in happier times

NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter

"My boyfriend was invited on the trip, he just missed all my calls."

That was the response from former Miss World Rosanna Davison as she spoke out for the first time following pictures of her cuddling millionaire property developer Johnny Ronan before they jetted off to Morocco last Sunday.

The model also said she had no regrets about her five-star getaway after TV3 presenter Glenda Gilson told friends that she felt "hurt and betrayed" by the pair.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Independent, the Assets beauty described her feelings when she woke up in a luxury €500-a-night hotel in Marrakech.

"In the cold, sober light of day we just thought, what on earth have we done?" she laughed. "But then we said let's enjoy it. And we'll be home by tomorrow."

The well-known model, who is a neighbour of Mr Ronan and his family in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, also said that her long-term boyfriend Wesley Quirke had been invited by the developer to join them on the trip.

"Wes reminded me that we invited him to Marrakech," she said after spending Friday night with him partying in Club 92.

"I rang him and texted him on the night asking him if he wanted to come along with us. Johnny suggested it. He was asleep at that stage, it was 2.30 in the morning, so we had arrived by the time he got all of my messages," she explained.

"So even the fact that he was invited by Johnny to come over with us in the first place shows that it was all innocent. Wes knew that I was over there, but not until I was actually over there," she laughed.

Asked how he had reacted to pictures of her cuddling the Tipperary-born millionaire, Ms Davison replied: "It's not nice for anybody to see their name or their girlfriend's name in the papers, especially if it's for the wrong reasons. But he understands it from my point of view -- and I've explained it to him that we've grown up in a family where we have had to deal with newspaper headlines."

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Speaking about the 55-year-old Treasury Holdings boss, she said: "Johnny has a very good heart. He's a very generous and kind person and he's got a lovely family.

"I know the family from living in Enniskerry and they're lovely people so I don't want to see them get hurt. I don't want anybody to get hurt out of this," she said.

Asked about the pictures of her, which appeared in tabloids this weekend and show her hugging the tycoon, she explained: "Everybody sitting near me gets a hug and a cuddle when I'm out and have had a few drinks so I don't see it as anything particularly scandalous."

Speaking about their trip away to the luxury La Mamounia Hotel, she said: "We went for a lovely dinner and we drank mint tea by the pool. It was very low-key and civilised. We slept a lot because we were exhausted after being up most of the night. It was all very relaxed."

Ms Davison, who says her parents knew about the trip long before it hit the headlines, said they have been a great support to her through the media storm.

"My parents have told me to pay little attention and not to stress about it. These types of headlines are not a shock to my family. It's not like it's happened for the first time. You get used to them and you realise that with the media machine, there will be someone in the same situation the next day."

Although she says she has no regrets about going on the trip, the young beauty and socialite wanted to make clear that she does not want to hurt her friend Glenda.

"I don't feel guilty about anything but I would apologise for unintentionally annoying her and bringing her name into this. It was never my intention.

"I feel like I have been caught in the crossfire between her and her ex-relationship. I have huge respect for her and I like her a lot. I never set out to annoy her, that's not my style," she added.

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