Tuesday 20 February 2018

Pregnancy finally fixes the big Ray and Jenny question

Larissa Nolan

THEY don't look like your regular celebrity couple, but then again, they're not.

Radio stars Ray D'Arcy and Jenny Kelly are more Felix and Oscar than Brad and Ange or Posh and Becks.

Ray and Jenny are the Odd Couple - the most unlikely power pairing on the Irish social scene and living proof of the theory that opposites can indeed attract.

But strangely, the pair, whose love blossomed over the airwaves as a tag team on Today FM's morning show, have somehow managed to become the stuff of front-page news. Even Ray is surprised that people would care, once saying that he couldn't understand why anyone would be interested.

After a number of years of being coy with the are-they-or-aren't-they speculation about their relationship, Ray D'Arcy finally admitted last year that the two were a couple.

Then last week it emerged that the two are shortly to become three. Jenny is four months pregnant and the pair are getting ready for a new arrival later this year.

The news was enough to send the tabloids into a spin. Photos of Ray and Jen were splashed all over the place, the pair of them looking distinctly ordinary, more like a couple you'd see pictured together at a dinner dance on the social pages of the Leinster Leader.There's Ray, hair greying and slightly receding, still with the twinkle in his eyes that may have landed him that Rose of Tralee job. You can tell he is a Kildare man just by looking at him - he could easily be mistaken for a jockey.

And he has stayed loyal to his Lilywhite roots, he has never dropped the flat accent native to those within a 20-mile radius of the Curragh. Ray's about as down-to-earth as they come, a trait that has endeared him to radio audiences all around the country.

Jenny has a jolly-hockey-sticks air that could only be developed in a posh Dublin convent. The same goes for the accent, which makes her sound a bit like a stereotypical AA Roadwatch girl who has been overdosing on episodes of The OC. It's just soooooo southside. But she sounds like fun, as if she would be a great laugh on a night out.

Curiously enough, their pairing up on the radio as well as in real life hasn't beenvomit-inducing for listeners. In fact, it has made them tune in instead of turn off.

The love interest between the two presenters on the Ray D'Arcy Show is credited with giving it the X-factor that has led to it having the fastest-growing listenership in the country.

Latest figures show that it has an audience of 223,000 - up 32,000 in six months.

Fans of the show discuss the chemistry between Ray and Jenny on internet web pages and the fact that the two presenters are notoriously private about their relationship only adds to the interest. Was that a little cutting remark thrown in by Jenny? Did they have a fight last night? Was that a flirtatious private joke between them?

It's difficult to imagine how they will gloss over their love as Jenny's pregnancy progresses, but judging by their ability to do so thus far, they will probably manage it.

It is not even clear how long Jenny and Ray have been an item. Ray finally came clean about it last year when he admitted on the Miriam O'Callaghan television chat show that they were officially together, describing Jenny as his "life partner".

Afterwards, he said: "I guess once we have actually told people we are together that will be the end of it. Our listeners probably care that we are a couple, but beyond that I don't know why anyone would be interested."

Known as a steadfast bachelor boy, it was a bit of a shock to some who know him to hear he had settled down for good 'The love interest between the two presenters on the Ray D'Arcy Show is credited with giving it the X-factor that has led to it having the fastest-growing listenership in the country'

with Jenny, the show's chief producer. Jenny first joined Ray on the airwaves for a slot called Fix-It Friday and became a regular voice on the show soon afterwards.

His last girlfriend was the TV presenter Geri Maye and the two were engaged before the wedding was called off at the last minute.

But it seems he is now ready to walk down the aisle with Jenny, recently saying: "That's something I probably will do."

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