Saturday 25 November 2017

Posh... but it's just not posh enough - how Victoria has changed the meaning

Julia Molony

There are many things we can credit with reforming the British Class system – the Magna Carta, the welfare state, and now, we have Victoria Beckham.

As a Spice Girl, the pioneering Victoria daringly appropriated the word Posh.

It used to be associated in the public consciousness with draughty country piles, titles and pheasant-shooting. But in a post-Spice Girls world, Posh isn't an attribute, but a look; a little black dress and a haughty expression, topped off by the trademark posh dance move – a kind of stiff shimmy that involves the lower body only.

And now, Victoria has gone even further in turning the whole thing on its head.

The Posh Spice of old might have been proud, flattered even, to explore her particular brand of poshness in the company of glamorous Sloane rangers. She might have enjoyed sipping Stolly martinis on Tarquin's yacht in Cannes and hanging out in the Kings Road. Not anymore.

Rumour has it, now having moved beyond being simply posh to a whole new level of elite known as "fashion" that VB thinks the Kings Road, with its reality TV associations, might just be a little bit declasse.

Apparently, when setting up her first designer boutique VB was offered a premises on Sloane Street but turned it down on the basis that it was a little bit too "Made in Chelsea".

She's keeping more desirable company than aristos these days; the more bankable billionaires of Bond Street.

Poor Spencer, Jamie and Rosie might have thought going to public school gave them an entree into high society, but you need more than cut-glass vowels to cut it with the true queen of posh.

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