Saturday 25 November 2017

Ouch! Shane Warne displays some serious bruises, after rumours of night with bra boss

Shane Warne posted a pic on Ins
Shane Warne posted a pic on Ins
Ultimo boss Michelle Mone has denied spending time in her hotel suite with Shayne Warne
Michelle Mone was embroiled in a messy divorce from her husband
Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone, was a former model
Liz Hurley and Shane Warne were said to be working on their relationship

THE cricket star posted a photo on Instagram of his battered body, the day after he was rumoured to be romancing lingerie tycoon.

LIZ Hurley's ex hit the headlines yesterday with reports he spent an afternoon with Michelle Mone, hours after reportedly spending time with the actress. 

The former cricket star was reported to have spent four hours with the Ultimo underwear boss in her suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London, the day after Valentine's Day.

As he hit headlines this morning, Warne took to Twitter and Instagram  to post photos of his naked torso, covered in bruises, which he got from an aggressive game of paint ball.  Captioning the pic he wrote: "This was fun back in Melbourne, but bloody hurt more than being hit by a fast bowler..."

The afternoon rendez-vous  with the Lingerie boss came after he was said to have spent the night with his ex, Liz Hurley. The pair are said to have been trying to work things out in their relationship.

However, according to newspaper reports, the 42 year-old Aussie cricket star arrived at Mone's hotel suite with roses and champagne, and spent four hours with the model turned business woman,  before she departed for an interview with the BBC. 

Warne took to Twitter yesterday to rubbish the reports, tweeting: "Just read some more ludicrous & laughable reporting on me, what an absolute load of rubbish!"

Mone, who was embroiled in a messy divorce from her husband, after it emerged he had cheated on her, also took to Twitter to deny the Warne rumours. 

She tweeted: "Thanks for all your messages, most lovely but for the rest of you, for the record I’d never ever meet a guy if he was taken. It was done to me and I remember that pain."

She further tweeted: "Not that it’s anyone’s biz but I’ve been single for 18 months, very independent, successful and don’t need anyone for anything other than my family."

Warne flew out to Vegas for a poker tournament and Mone returned to her family townhouse in Glasgow, but cancelled an appearance  at a lingerie show that was scheduled for yesterday.

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