Saturday 24 March 2018

One Direction schoolgirl fan gets death threats over Harry Styles Belfast hotel visit

Shaniece Nesbitt the girl at the centre of the internet storm
Shaniece Nesbitt the girl at the centre of the internet storm
Harry Styles is said to have made contact with Shaniece since the Twitter comments
One Direction are currently on a world tour until November this year
Caroline Flack who previously dated Harry has spoken of death threats from One Direction fans
Taylor Swift recently split from One Direction's Harry Styles
One Direction played concerts in Dublin and Belfast last week
One Direction Fans outside the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Dublin last week,

Maureen Coleman

A Belfast schoolgirl who partied with Harry Styles in his hotel, has been receiving death threats on Twitter from One Direction fans.

Shaniece Nesbitt, 18, caught the eye of the pop star at the band's Thursday night show at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.

Harry, who counts Caroline Flack and Taylor Swift among his conquests, sent his bodyguards over to ask for her number and contacted her later to ask her to come up to the Culloden Hotel.

Shaniece went along with several friends, including a male pal, Matthew McCaw, and they partied with Harry until 4am.

After pictures were posted on Facebook and Twitter, the teenager found herself the centre of attention, with hundreds of Directioners bombarding her with questions and messages.

Shaniece denied anything physical had taken place with Harry.

When it was put to her on Twitter that she had slept with the star she responded: “I did no such thing.”

She also described the attention as “madness”, tweeting “this is insane”.

However after being inundated with queries from curious One Direction followers and receiving some abusive messages from irate Harry fans, Shaniece deleted her Facebook profile yesterday.

A source close to the family said: “She's been hounded since it all came out. But nothing happened with him.

“She was there with a friend and went home at 4am. She's a very well brought up girl and can't believe all this has happened.”

Ignoring most of the Twitter comments yesterday, Shaniece posted: “Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mum. Love you.”

Harry also took to Twitter to post: “Happy Mother's Day. Hope you have a good one.”

It is understood the 19-year-old pop star has since been in touch with Shaniece.

While some fans took great exception to the news, with one even threatening to come to her house to kill her, others were more supportive.

One said: “I don't understand the hate and why they don't believe when you say nothing happened. I apologise for some of the fandom.”

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