Sunday 25 February 2018

O'Dowd: Rehearsals like courtship

Chris O'Dowd is to appear on Broadway
Chris O'Dowd is to appear on Broadway

Chris O'Dowd has joked that the first night of his Broadway play will be like the first time the cast sleep together.

The Irish actor, Hollywood star James Franco and Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester are currently rehearsing for the revival of the classic drama Of Mice And Men, and Chris laughed that the preparations for opening night are like the dating stage, reported The Wrap.

He said: "It's like opening night is the first time we all sleep together and this process is the courtship."

Speaking at a press conference, James explained that acting on film and on the stage are very different.

"When you make a film, essentially all you need is one good take for each set up... you just need to get it right once," he said, saying the theatre is "not about just getting it right once".

"It's about honing the performance and the character that we can then ride night after night," he said.

Leighton, who recently married actor Adam Brody, added: "The meaning behind each line, it changes every day. It will be so crazy going up in front of different people every night and feeling different energy from the audience, whether it's good or bad."

The play, which starts next month at the Longacre Theatre, has not been seen on Broadway in 40 years.

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