Tuesday 20 March 2018

'Music is my first love and will always take priority'

A tour date clash means Sharon Corr will be leaving 'The Voice', the singer tells Barry Egan

WORLD TOUR: Globe-trotting Sharon Corr is jetting off in September to promote her solo album 'The Same Sun'
WORLD TOUR: Globe-trotting Sharon Corr is jetting off in September to promote her solo album 'The Same Sun'
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

CUE violins? Actually, there's no need. Sharon Corr, in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Independent, insisted "there is no big drama" in relation to her departure from RTE's The Voice Of Ireland.

"They asked me and I'm not available," the star said of the popular show where she has been a coach for the last two seasons.

Sharon is preparing to release her new solo record, The Same Sun, in Brazil next month and in Europe in late November.

"I am heading out on a world tour from September through next year – including Brazil, Indonesia and Europe in October/November," she said, adding that recording begins on The Voice in October/November. "So I'm on tour, and I'll be on tour in the US when they are doing the live shows. So there's just no way possible for me to do both."

Contrary to one tabloid headline last week that read "Sharon quits", the star insisted her parting was a mutual decision. And she revealed that RTE made her an offer to stay on.

"RTE asked me back – but I couldn't fit it in this time," she said.

"It will be strange to be somewhere else in the world while someone is in my seat, but my music is my first love and will always take priority.

"I have a wonderful relationship with both RTE and ShinAwil," she said. "I am very flattered that they enjoyed working with me so much as to ask me again. I hope to work with them in the future. I learned so much on The Voice and would like to use what I learned in the future on TV. And I had a wonderful time playing dress-up with my stylist and friend Ingrid Hoey.

"I had a fabulous relationship with all involved – especially my fellow coaches," she said, referring to Bressie, Kian Egan and Jamelia.

"We laughed all day and then scrapped all night on camera – as you all know! I'll always remember that moment, just before our reveal at the top of the live shows, Bressie and I standing behind the screens and saying to each other, 'What the f**k are we doing here?' And two seconds later we stroll on to the stage as if we were born to do it! I love that moment when you pinch yourself, wondering, 'Is it real?'"

Sharon has been keeping it real for years. The globe-trotting wife has pulled off the task of combining career and motherhood, albeit with the help of her husband, Gavin Bonnar.

"Music is who I am," she said. "I live and breathe it – writing, performing, touring – it's a heavenly job! Right now I'm in Barcelona. I've been doing festivals in Europe through the summer."

Sharon feels her most promising acts on The Voice were Vanessa Whelan and John Gaughan ("This guy is the one to watch").

The 43-year-old added: "The thing I always loved about The Voice was that they employed genuine working recording artists as coaches – people who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to performing – not suits parading as rock stars! Unfortunately for The Voice, these coaches are very often on tour themselves."

Sharon jets out to Brazil next Sunday for the first date of her world tour.

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