Thursday 22 February 2018

Murs doesn't want lothario rep

Olly Murs doesn't want to spoil his chances with the ladies
Olly Murs doesn't want to spoil his chances with the ladies

Olly Murs has confessed he's been keeping the ladies in his life a secret, because he doesn't want a love rat reputation.

The singer who is currently supporting Robbie Williams' Take The Crown world tour told The Sun he didn't want to win their gossip column's Shagger Of The Year award.

Olly admitted: "I try and keep girls under the radar. I have been dating but away from the Bizarre column. I need to keep my situation to myself. I love being in the limelight, but it can be awkward when you go for a drink with a girl and people recognise you.

"In terms of my love life, girls I sleep with and girls I have fun with, I'd rather keep it quiet because I don't want to be Bizarre Shagger Of The Year.

"No disrespect to Russell Brand for a colossal effort on that front and as much as my mates would love it, my credibility with the ladies would go down a bit.

"I wouldn't want to win the award, I don't think if I had that on the shelf at home it would go down too well with the girls I bring back."

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