Saturday 24 March 2018

Miley Cyrus has to say sorry for mental illness slur – Sinead O'Connor

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THE astonishing spat between the pop divas of two generations shows no sign of healing after Sinead O'Connor demanded that Miley Cyrus apologise for making slurs in relation to mental illness.

O'Connor said the controversial young pop star should say sorry to Amanda Bynes, the troubled US actress currently receiving treatment at a medical facility and who was name-checked by Cyrus during her very public spat with the Dublin-born chanteuse.

"Before Amanda Bynes, there was Sinead O'Connor," tweeted Cyrus.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Independent, O'Connor said: "I think it would be appropriate for her to communicate privately and publicly to Amanda Bynes and apologise to her for dragging her into something that had nothing to do with her and in such a nasty manner."

She accused former child star Cyrus of "knocking a woman for having an illness at a time when she was in hospital and then creating a situation where Amanda Bynes is now having to deal with some of the top magazines in the States slagging her off . . . I think that is a shitty thing to do to somebody at such a time."

The spat between Cyrus and O'Connor began when the latter penned an open letter to the young pop star, warning her about the dangers of being exploited by the music industry.

"Nothing but harm will come in the long run from allowing yourself to be exploited," the singer wrote.

O'Connor was prompted to write the letter when the 20-year-old told Rolling Stone magazine her new Wrecking Ball video was inspired by O'Connor's worldwide 1990 hit, Nothing Compares 2 U.

Sinead O'Connor Picture By David Conachy. 4/10/2013
Sinead O'Connor Picture By David Conachy. 4/10/2013

interview page 24 and on video AT

Cyrus paid homage to the hit, written by Prince, as she is filmed singing in an up-close shot, tears streaming down her face. Adding her own raunchy twist, she then swings naked on a demolition wrecking ball and poses provocatively with a hammer.

Cyrus responded to the letter on Twitter by comparing O'Connor to Bynes and posting a picture of tweets sent by the 46-year-old Dubliner two years ago when O'Connor now says she needed to see a psychiatrist.

She also tweeted a photo of O'Connor infamously tearing up a photograph of Pope John Paul II live on American television.

Rolling Stone magazine also included O'Connor in the reference to "bizarre and incoherent" behaviour.

"But when you read what I wrote there is nothing bizarre or incoherent," O'Connor says, adding that she doesn't particularly care what people say about her but she added she was "horrified on behalf of Amanda that a complete innocent party would be dragged in such a horrible way which then would have horrible consequences for that innocent person.

"So if I was to say anything to Miley it would really be that she apologise to Amanda publicly and privately.

"I say the bigger issue all this throws up is that the global media have no right to mock someone because they have a mental illness," O'Connor told the Sunday Independent.

"The world would not mock people who have physical illnesses in the same way.

"You wouldn't dismiss somebody on the grounds of 'you broken-legged idiot' or 'you cancerous idiot'.

"You wouldn't use someone's physical illness as a stick to beat them with.

"To do that kind of thing creates an enormous stigma and that stigma creates a very dangerous silence.

"These tweets [posted by Cyrus] are two years old, which is also what is a bit nasty about all of this, because they have been retweeted to make them look like that's my current medical condition.

"It is actually very damaging because it is extremely hard to get work in the music industry when people feel you are in an active phase of mental f**king illness," O'Connor added.

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