Wednesday 17 January 2018

Midwife stars happy without make-up

Pam Ferris and Jenny Agutter like being bare-faced on Call The Midwife
Pam Ferris and Jenny Agutter like being bare-faced on Call The Midwife

Jenny Agutter and Pam Ferris have admitted they love going without make-up on Call The Midwife.

The actresses play nuns on the BBC One programme and revealed being bare-faced makes a nice change from spending hours in the make-up chair.

"Oh, it's lovely," said Pam, and Jenny laughed: "It takes away from having to look in the mirror because you don't really want to!"

However, the actresses insisted they aren't actually disappointed by what they see on screen. "I'm proud of every line on my face," said Jenny, 60. Pam, 65, added: "Exactly - I've earned all of those!"

The pair aren't so enamoured with the wimples they wear as Sisters Julienne (Jenny) and Evangelina (Pam).

"Urgh, I have a hate-hate relationship with my wimple, me no love," said Pam.

"It puts you in a very separate world," added Jenny. "Sometimes you can't actually hear what people are saying, and after a while you give up saying, 'What?', and just nod and smile."

Despite delivering many fake babies on set, Jenny and Pam admitted they do not think they'd be much good at it in real life.

"I don't think I'd be quite as calm as Sister Julienne," admitted Jenny. "I asked a midwife [about it] and she said you have to be attending on 40 births before you can do it by yourself - and I've not done 40 yet."

But that doesn't stop members of the public discussing impending births with them. "I always offer to help," smiled Pam. "As long as it's a plastic baby, I'm fully licensed."

:: Call The Midwife Christmas Special airs on BBC One on Wednesday, December 25.

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