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McPherson weds a painter

BETTER a latter-day John Millington Synge than a Playboy of the Western World - if you're a playwright at any rate.

And now that talented young playwright Conor McPherson, who has been compared to Synge, is getting married at the end of the month he needn't worry any more about the nuances of interminable, oops I mean internal, monologues (the bane of singledom).

Conor is marrying the brilliant Kerlin Gallery painter Fionnuala Ni Chiosain, who is as well known for her abstraction as, well, Conor. But the creative couple are sure to have an interesting union of guests from the world of art and acting at their southside wedding.

On second thoughts, with all those artistic egos, interminable monologues might still be a problem. Justkidding.

But hopefully Conor's pal Neil Jordan (they worked on The Actors together) will have made it back from Georgia (Georgia in the former USSR, I mean) in one piece by then. Neil, who is nothing if not dedicated, spent two days last week travelling there for the premiere of The Good Thief in the hometown of Nutsa Kukhianidze, the beautiful young unknown who starred in the film with Nick Nolte.

When friends expressed concern for his safety on the trip they were told not to worry, he'd have bodyguards. Very, er, reassuring. But, hey, don't all artistes live on the cutting edge? CF

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