Sunday 18 February 2018

Marty undergoes hair restoration due to pressure to look good on screen

Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Broadcaster Marty Whelan has admitted to getting a hair transplant.

Marty said the pressure to look good on screen encouraged him to get it done.

“I work in Irish radio and television. That’s what I do for a crust and when you’re working in radio and TV you are conscious you need to look as best as you can.”

“In my thirties and forties I began to notice the loss. I thought what do I need to do here, what can I do here?”

It’s when you’re in make up or under the lights and you’re thinking about the bald patch and you think ‘Ah I’ve got to sort this out’.”

“You start to lose confidence and therefore lose opportunities there’s no guarantee of that but the possibility still exists.”

iGraphic - Use the slider below to see before and after pictures of Marty

Marty had several sessions with Hair Restoration Blackrock in December 2012 and last summer, which has now begun to fully grow out.

“The day before the procedure, I suppose you are slightly nervous. You are concerned, you’ve never done this before. You may never do this again.

“So there is this moment where you are wondering, is this okay? But you’re given some medication and as a result I felt very calm about coming in.”

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