Sunday 18 March 2018

Maia: We're no Zach and Vanessa

Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell star in Teen Beach Movie
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell star in Teen Beach Movie

Maia Mitchell has said Teen Beach Movie is no High School Musical remake.

The Disney Channel's new TV movie, starring Maia and Ross Lynch, is a surf-themed musical with a love story at its centre. But Maia denied it is next High School Musical, which propelled leading stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens to global fame.

"Teen Beach Movie has its own identity, its own vibe, its own look and it teaches a different message. It's set in the 60s. Ross and I are very different to Zac and Vanessa - we bring our own thing to it. If it emulated that success, that would be great but we just want to keep the fans happy, and I think that's what will happen," she said.

Teen Beach Movie stars Maia and Ross as a young couple who love to surf, and after riding an epic wave find themselves in the set of their favourite surf-themed musical, Wet Side Story.

Ross said the film was fun to shoot: "You can't really call it hard work when you're filming a movie on the beach. The sand got hot sometimes, and I got a little tired sometimes, but you can't really complain."

However, Maia confessed she'd found the heat a little more difficult to deal with

"Filming those dance numbers on the beach we were there all day, our feet would be literally blistering as it was so hot. But it was really fun," she said.

Teen Beach Movie is due to premiere on the Disney Channel on July 19.

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