Thursday 14 December 2017

Lynch addresses Glee controversy

Jane Lynch was surprised by the reaction to the Glee school shooting episode
Jane Lynch was surprised by the reaction to the Glee school shooting episode

Jane Lynch has said Glee bosses did not mean to cause pain or offence with the show's recent school shooting episode.

The instalment saw gunshots echo through the halls of the Ohio high school, trapping the Glee club singers in a classroom.

It was reported that some parents of survivors of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newton, Connecticut - in which 20 children and six teachers died - were upset that they hadn't been warned and felt it was too soon.

But Jane, who plays cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, told Access Hollywood that they didn't intend to upset anyone with the plot.

She said: "We're always rather topical and rather current on the show and I think it means a lot to Ryan Murphy that we comment on anything that, especially things, that affect kids. I'm glad he wrote the episode and it was shocking. I was really surprised about the feedback. A lot of people were upset about it."

When told by the interviewer that a parent from Sandy Hook said the instalment was aired too soon, the actress said: "That I feel horrible about. If we added to anybody's pain, that is just certainly not what any of us wanted."

She also reiterated that the episode was meant to raise awareness: "Guns do come into schools and they shouldn't be there and mistakes happen. People come in with the intent to hurt and to harm... it's in Congress, it's very current and we really need to look at it and we really need to protect the kids," she said.

Fans were left guessing about Sue's future after she said she owned the gun that went off and lost her job, although viewers later discovered that Sue was actually protecting special needs student Becky Jackson.

Jane said of her alter-ego's future: "We have to see. We are almost done with the season and I'm not back yet. She gets fired and goes off... and becomes an aerobics instructor."

Glee airs on Sky1 HD in the UK.

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