Tuesday 12 December 2017

Lindsay Lohan "was a mess" heading off to rehab

Lindsay Lohan is heading to a 90-day rehab stint in California
Lindsay Lohan is heading to a 90-day rehab stint in California
The star posted a photo of her packing for rehab on Instagram.
She recently promoted her cameo in Scary Movie 5
The actress struck up a close friendship with Charlie Sheen
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

The troubled star is heading for a 90-day court ordered rehab stint.

Lindsay Lohan may have avoided being sentenced to jail for her latest brush with the law, but even a court-ordered rehab stint is enough to make her "hysterical".

The troubled actress boarded a plane from New York to California last night to a strict detox facility, and her father, Michael Lohan revealed that she was crying hysterically before disembarking to Morningside in Newport Beach, California.

"She was crying hysterically when she called me," he said. "Lindsay is heading to California but she doesn’t want to go the place she’s going and she’s upset that she’s being forced to do so.'

Justin Bieber has been arrested and charged in Miami for driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs
Justin Bieber has been arrested and charged in Miami for driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs
Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohans mother was arrested for a DUI.
Former teenage idol David Cassidy of 1970s U.S. television series "The Partridge Family" was arrested and charged with felony drunken driving. Cassidy, 63, was stopped shortly after midnight when he failed to turn off his car's high-beam headlights against oncoming traffic.
The Fugees singer Lauryn Hill is currently in jail for a three-month sentence for failing to pay about one million dollars in taxes over the past decade.
Teen Mom star Jenelle Evas was arrested for assault and heroin possession.
The Oscar winning actress shocked America after she was arrested and briefly jailed for alleged disorderly conduct, while her husband was alledgedly arrested for drink driving. The actress asked the arresting officer 'Do you know my name'. Witherspoon later issued a statement apologising for her behaviour.
SANTA MONICA, CA - MARCH 19: In this booking photo provided by the Santa Monica Police Department, actress Lindsay Lohan is seen at the Santa Monica Police Station on March 19, 2013 in Santa Monica, California. Lindsay was ordered to turn herself in for booking after pleading no contest to the charge of reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. (Photo by Santa Monica Police Department via Getty Images)
The heiress was arrested in Las Vegas in 2010 for cocaine possession.
The former two and a half men star was arrested last summer on domestic violence charges.
The Braveheart star had his mugshot taken in connection with a criminal battery case.
The mean girls star has had six different mugshots taken on various chargessince 2007.
The OC actress was arrested in December 2007 for DUI charges.
The Gossip Girl star was arrested in Plano, Texas, for marijuana possession.
The transformers star was arrested in Chicago in 2007 for trespassing.
The daughter of singer Lionel Richie, Nicole was arrested for DUI in 2007.
The Home alone actor was arrested in Oklahoma in 2004 for possession of marijuana and two other controlled substances.
The Backstreet boy was arrested in California in March 2005 on drink driving charges.
The thriller singer was arrested in 2003 for child abuse allegations, for which he was later cleared.
The actor was arrested in 2001 for his part in a public brawl.
The Bridget Jones star was arrested in Los Angeles in 1995 for solicitation of Divine Brown.
The millionairesocialite was arrested in 1989 for driving with an expired licnece, and more famously, slapping a police officer.
The Reservoir dogs star has been charged with child cruelty by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department.

And before she has even arrived, she wants to change the location.

"Lindsay wants to go to the Lukens Institute [in Florida]," he added.  "But she’s going to go to Morningside in Newport Beach until she can transfer to the one in Florida.

"She asked me if she could transfer to Lukens once she starts and I told her of course she can.

"I will get it all settled for her. The Lukens Institute is where she wanted to go all along -- a place she will get the right treatment and finally get better," Michael Lohan said.

It is being reported that she has already broken her plea deal by going to California, as it was previously agreed that she would stay at the Seafield facility in New York, and if the judge sees fit, her 90 days will instead be served in jail.

Meanwhile, even a trip to rehab is a potential fashion show as the actress tweeted a picture last night of herself surrounded by suitcases filled with designer duds.

Lohan was sent to rehab after a judge found her guilty of a traffic violation as violating her probation in relation to her shoplifting conviction. The sentence extends Lohan's probation for two years and requires 18 months of psychotherapy.

"This is it," the judge told her. "You violate your probation, and we're not going to have discussions of putting you back on probation." Since 2007, she's spent 250 days in five rehab facilities and has acknowledged her drug and alcohol addictions.

The actress has appeared in court at least 20 times before four Los Angeles judges who have now found her in violation of probation six times and sentenced her to a total of nine months in jail. She has also served community service at the morgue and a total of two weeks in prison.

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